January 6, 2020
dazzling solitaires

Kill Monday blues with dazzling solitaires

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Mondays are hardly ever fun, even if you love your job. A weekend of fun and sleep somehow doesn’t prepare us for the first day of the week. You may be cool for the rest of the week but the first day is somewhat difficult. A lot of things might help and one of them is dazzling solitaires. Let that be one way to rock your Monday.

Styling solitaire jewellery is no rocket science. It all depends on how creative you can get. A few dazzling solitaires are all you need to brighten your look. Workwear solitaire jewellery comes handy here. Since there’s a variety of solitaire jewellery out there, you can go from simple to glamorous just by wearing the right style. In fact, you can easily pair it with your other jewellery for a complete look!


Going easy with the earrings


Dazzling solitaires are great when you wear them in smaller numbers. Of course, how you define few is your choice! Something as simple as a pair of solitaire stud earrings can light up your face. While you can pair it with a light solitaire pendant, you can also go for a plain white gold necklace. Here are some styles that you can check out.



dazzling solitaires
Divine Solitaires



Nature never fails to inspire anyone. Which is why you have these solitaire stud earrings further beautified by a glorious solitaire at the centre.



diamond earrings
Divine Solitaires



While looking for a compact design, if you come across something like this, consider yourself lucky. Such beauties are hard to come by.



diamond studs
Divine Solitaires



A delicate & wavy square frame around the round brilliant is what you need when you want a dainty design. A fine solitaire does wonders on its own and even better with an elegant design.


Pairing it with pendants


Solitaire pendants are yet another piece of jewellery that some of us don’t miss wearing. If you’re not using public transport, a simple chain with an adorable solitaire is a great workwear ornament. Women choose pendants over earrings if they want to highlight their collarbones or don’t want to leave the neck bare. See which one appeals the most to you!



diamond pendant
Divine Solitaires



The nearly round halo around the solitaire appears to be keeping the centrepiece safe. And it should! A solitaire deserves that kind of tender loving care.



solitaire pendant
Divine Solitaires



Five small cascading bezel-set stones lead to a drop-shaped cradle that features a bright solitaire in the middle. With a design so fine, one need not say anything more.



dazzling solitaires
Divine Solitaires



A perfect semi-bezel set solitaire rests on one angle of the quadrilateral gold pendant creating an open design and giving the solitaire its space to stand out!


Dazzling solitaires on bracelets


Our hands, especially the wrists draw quite a bit of attention. Though most of us love wearing diamond bracelets, we don’t like them making our chores difficult. At work, when you’re typing or writing, you’ll want a bracelet that doesn’t get in the way. Check out some convenient styles for yourself.



diamond bracelet
Divine Solitaires



Looking for something simple and delicate? Look no further. This fine solitaire bracelet is ready to charm you with its simplicity.



Divine Solitaires



Don’t let anyone tell you that one solitaire is enough. Because with diamonds, more is always less!


dazzling solitaires
Divine Solitaires


Solitaires are such that even one stone can amp up the beauty of an ornament. And this golden bangle has three, each one surrounded by diamond-studded discs!

When you want to sport dazzling solitaires, the styles should not be a problem for you. With endless designs to choose from, make the best of your workwear solitaire jewellery. Once you’re all set, Mondays need not be even remotely boring again!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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