December 31, 2019
ideal solitaire ring

Ideal solitaire ring designs for men

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Diamond jewellery for men is not a new thing. For several years men have been sporting diamonds in one way or the other. They could have been either diamond-studded cuff-links or stylish solitaire stud earrings. Men love diamonds as much as women do and the solitaire jewellery designs for them is proof. The ideal solitaire ring for a man would be the one that perfectly complements his style. While men are fond of solitaire jewellery, they tend to keep fewer pieces as compared to women.

Therefore, when they choose the ideal solitaire ring for themselves, they ensure that the design is truly versatile. That’s why there are a variety of designs they can choose from and make the ideal solitaire ring their own. The advantage that men’s ring designs have is that even the festive designs are quite classic and therefore, flexible.

Choosing the ideal solitaire ring for him


The double tinted gold band, the dazzling semi-bezel set solitaire and the domed form of the band are just about everything you could want to complement a traditional look.


diamond rings for men
Photo: Divine Solitaires


How can you keep a design simple and stylish at the same time? A look at this ring will tell you. The uncomplicated charm of this fine piece makes you want to keep it close to yourself. 


men's diamond ring
Photo: File


The closely stacked appearance of the ring’s band gives the ornament a complete look. The solitaire at the centre is highlighted by a thin portion of the band partially encircling it.


solitaire ring for him
Divine Solitaires


When creativity is a companion, there’s no limit to classy ring designs. The raised and coloured inner band perfectly stands out from the slim outline and highlights the solitaire.


ideal solitaire rings
Divine Solitaires


Some designs catch your eye for good. While the form and the outline of this solitaire band are basic, the intricate and open framework design on the band gives it a festive touch.


ideal solitaire ring
Divine Solitaires


Diamonds come with memories


A diamond ring is the best gift you could give to your father or your husband. Finding out the ring size of someone who is close to you is hardly a problem. Since they are around you for the most part of the time, a few glances at their fingers can reveal the ring size. Moreover, you could slip the question into a casual conversation when you plan to give them a ring.

Diamond rings mean more than just a fashion statement. When a man receives the ideal solitaire ring, it makes him feel really special. Diamonds are among gifts that not only last a lifetime but also hold very special memories. If you do gift a solitaire ring to your dad or husband, it is definitely more than a diamond for them.

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