March 28, 2020
create lightweight solitaire jewellery

How to create lightweight solitaire jewellery online

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To have your very own collection of solitaire jewellery is a special thing. The ones we buy are really adorable. But when something we create lightweight solitaire jewellery, it is quite different. Solitaire jewellery is meant to be elegant, lightweight and flexible. While you can keep as many designs you want, all you really need is a few essential pieces. And what do these essentials consist of? A pair of earrings and a diamond ring will always be a priority. You can also add a solitaire pendant and a light diamond bracelet. That’s about all you need to get started with building your collection.

To be able to create lightweight solitaire jewellery online and make it a part of your collection, you need time. So, why not take this time to get your creative ideas together and make your own solitaire jewellery online? You can achieve the same in just three simple steps. Let’s take you through them!


Step 1: Select your precious solitaire


With a variety of finely crafted solitaires to choose from, you can select those that best suit you. Since all diamonds are of Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut quality, you can also choose those you love the best. With the help of our convenient filters, you can sort out a handful of diamonds that you want to choose.

Be it the colour, clarity or size, there is always a diamond that is beautiful in every way!



create lightweight solitaire jewellery
Select a diamond of the desired colour, clarity and carat



Step 2: Pick a setting of your choice


When you browse through the solitaire jewellery designs, they’ll all tempt you. If you know what you want, pick the settings that you think will suit you the best. Or else, you can continue browsing till you decide on your favourites. And you are always welcome to create more than a few pieces for yourself.

There are a variety of lightweight settings you can choose from. Whether it’s a solitaire bangle, a pair of earrings or a nose pin, you can make it just the way you want. Slightly larger solitaires are a great choice for a simple setting.



create lightweight solitaire jewellery
Select a suitable setting that you like the best



Step 3: Create lightweight solitaire jewellery for yourself


Once you have chosen your favourite solitaires and suitable designs, you can create lightweight solitaire jewellery. Making jewellery feels quite special because you are putting a piece of your own creativity into it. Each time you wear it, you’ll know that it is something that’s truly your own. And that is what makes it unique and exceptionally precious.



create lightweight solitaire jewellery
Your very own diamond jewellery is ready



You have the choice of selecting a setting first and then the diamond. You can do it the way it works best for you. When you create lightweight solitaire jewellery, make it the way you visualise it. That’s how you can design something fabulous for yourself.

With time and the liberty to choose from a range of designs, you can also keep your budget under control. If you are creating a handful of pieces at a go, then you might want to stay within your budget. And that’s exactly what you can do while making your own jewellery online!

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