November 26, 2019
geometric solitaire jewellery

Geometric solitaire jewellery designs for you

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If you love shapes and curves that remind you of your geometry class, we have something for you. Remember the time you entertained your classmates during boring math classes? Why not sport some classy geometric solitaire jewellery that takes you down the memory lane? Not only will you be wearing a solitaire but also be reliving a time of your life that’ll never come back!

While getting dressed for an outing, you might want to leave aside your daily wear jewellery and choose these. While these designs are a little different than your average ones, they are nevertheless pretty!

Let’s take a look at some classic geometric solitaire jewellery designs.

Classic Circles


solitaire earrings
Photo: Divine Solitaires

A quirky design on a simple pair of solitaire stud earrings can certainly amp up the look. There’s no one way to wear a solitaire after all! Your earrings deserve to look exceptional.

geometric solitaire jewellery
Photo: Divine Solitaires

Enjoy the luxurious look of this illusionary circular pattern studded with side diamonds! The design further accentuates the solitaire at the centre of this ornament. This pair will probably rule all the others in your jewellery kit!

solitaire stud earrings
Photo: Divine Solitaires

Complex patterns on jewellery can be sophisticated as well as fun! This intricate design combines a milgrain decoration in white rhodium with gold. The solitaire at the centre amps up the bling.

geometric solitaire jewellery
Divine Solitaires

This unique halo-like design on the diamond stud keeps the round solitaire in focus, owing to the partially open design. One will not be able to stop admiring this fine jewel! This could become one of your favourite geometric solitaire jewellery designs!

Sassy Squares

diamond stud earrings
Divine Solitaires

This fabulous princess-cut diamond stud earring can be your best companion if you are looking for geometrical influence on fine jewellery. The outer decorative pavé setting adds to the grace of this ornament without taking focus away from the solitaire.

diamond earrings
Divine Solitaires

The corners on this design create the illusion of a square, while the centre is reserved for the four-solitaire pattern. A single large prong at the centre forms the eye of the motif.

Trendy Triangles

geometric solitaire jewellery
Photo by Divine Solitaires

This design features a triangle-shaped screw back gold earring, complete with a solitaire set in the center. A smaller diamond at each angle of this elegant design makes it suitable enough for everyday use.

triangular solitaire earrings
Source: Divine Solitaires

Time to take a little break from your monotonous and plain pair of earrings. Pick this semi-bezel set unconventional design comprising two triangles and a dazzling solitaire instead!

geometric solitaire jewellery
Image Source: Divine Solitaires

Capable of tingling the senses of a perfectionist, this design features two tilted triangles securing the precious solitaire. But bold designs are meant to be special, so why not treat yourself to this wonderful earring?

The next time you reach out for your jewellery box, think of these geometric solitaire jewellery designs! Not only will they be a fresh change from your regular jewellery but will also add a hint of fun to your day. Be it traditional or western wear, you can use your creativity to pair these pieces with your attire. Whether classic or contemporary, geometric solitaire jewellery designs don’t lose their charm.

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