January 21, 2020
princess-cut solitaires

For the love of princess-cut solitaires

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The classic round brilliant solitaires that we know of are the best ones for all types of solitaire jewellery. Crafting a round solitaire requires a lot of skill. There are different cut grades and giving it the most brilliant sparkle means giving it the best cut and polish. So when someone talks about a bright and beautiful solitaire, we usually think of a round solitaire. But when you think about fancy diamond cuts, princess-cut solitaires come to our mind. And why is that?

After the round diamond, it is princess-cut solitaires that are the second most popular shape for solitaire jewellery. It’s true that it may not be as brilliant as the round shape but it most certainly is unique! Which is why it is also called the square modified brilliant.


Putting princess-cut solitaires on jewellery


Though princess-cut diamonds are square in shape, they are also rectangular sometimes. But it is best when it is perfectly square. It is possible that the princess-cut diamond was previously what people would call the French cut.

According to most diamantaires, the princess cut has a very feminine appeal. However, even men’s diamond rings use this shape. When it comes to solitaires and solitaire shapes, each can be worn by men and women alike. Maybe the only exception here would be the heart-shaped diamond. Take a look at these men’s solitaire rings made that sport a princess-cut solitaire.

The gleaming princess-cut solitaire in a semi-bezel setting seamlessly merges with the band. The result is an ideal design for daily wear, formal or casual.



princess-cut solitaires
RM1257: Smooth shine men’s solitaire ring



The ends of the golden band also act as V-shaped prongs for the spectacular diamond. The added appeal to the ring’s design comes from the line along the length of the band.



princess-cut solitaires
RM1259: Clasped solitaire ring for him



Band designs like this one help you make a bold statement. And it gets better if there’s a princess cut solitaire involved. As girly as the cut sounds, solitaires do not discriminate.



RM1260: Bold charm solitaire ring for him



The racing lines on the gold band create a classy stacked look, without the need for three separate rings. The princess cut solitaire adds more glamour to the ornament.



princess-cut solitaires
RM1261: Racing lines men’s solitaire ring



Customising fancy-shaped diamond jewellery


Choosing a princess-cut solitaire makes sense when you customise your solitaire jewellery. Usually, people choose to go for round diamonds. But when you go for fancy shapes, you can control the budget. You can opt for princess-cut diamonds for their unique brilliance and sparkle. Also, you don’t have to spend as much as you would on a round solitaire. Here are some designs you might like to see.

Don’t be shy to ask for more. This princess-cut solitaire enclosed within a stone-studded square is just a part of the treat. The aesthetic V-shaped bail, embedded with more stones is an added delight!



princess-cut solitaires
PF1198: Studded eternal diamond pendant



There are a few things more beautiful than a simple princess-cut solitaire ring. Unless you combine the charm of the ring with that of the wearer!



RF1616: Princess-cut solitaire ring for her



If round brilliant solitaires aren’t your thing, then fancy cut stones should do the trick for you. Just like the princess cut solitaire on this attractive nose pin.



princess-cut solitaires
NP1127: Bold prongs solitaire nose pin



If you’re planning to set a budget for your solitaire engagement ring, you can always consider princess-cut solitaires. 

The rough diamond that is crafted into a princess-cut diamond is in the shape of a cube. This means that a diamantaire can make two princess-cut diamonds out of one rough stone. This decreases the amount of waste in cutting the stone and makes it less expensive than the round brilliant diamond.

Consider using V-shaped prongs for princess-cut solitaires. Since the shape is square, the edges are sharp. Even though diamonds are hard and do not break, these delicate corners could get damaged. The V prongs effectively protect them. 

If you consider solitaire-cut diamonds for your jewellery, it would be a fresh change from the round diamonds.

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