March 19, 2020

Everyday solitaire jewellery in elegant designs

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Whether you wear solitaires to work or for casual outings, we know how essential they are. Not only do they make us look pretty but also make us feel like they were made for us. And the best thing about solitaire jewellery is that you need not buy one piece for every outfit that you own. With most other kinds of jewellery, there is hardly any scope for a mix-and-match style. But the same does not happen with solitaires. A few simple pieces in your jewellery box and you have something for every day. Solitaires in simple and elegant designs are best for daily wear.


Always keeping it low-key


It is indeed impossible to keep any look plain when you’re wearing solitaires. But if you have to wear something daily, you can’t let it look too elaborate. Moreover, be it clothes or jewellery, being too conscious of what you’re wearing makes you look less confident. And who wants that?

You need something that’s work-friendly as well as attractive. At the same, it needs to look good if you wear it to a party. That way, solitaires are pretty skilled at handling this game.

The trick is to choose designs that do not go over-the-top at all. This points towards really light solitaire jewellery pieces. Even excluding melee diamonds from the game is good enough. What you’re looking for is a single and sizeable diamond that will be the star of the show.

And when the focus is on the solitaire, it is necessary to avoid any compromise on quality. Most importantly, do not settle for a lower cut grade. It is acceptable to change the colour and the clarity of your solitaire but not the cut. The size of the solitaire, too, is your choice.


Some elegant designs you will love


elegant designs
#RF1115: Winged solitaire ring for women


On this ring, two little wing-like extensions on both the sides of the solitaire make it look like the diamond is about to take flight. But rest assured that it won’t!


diamond ring for her
#RF1487: Weave diamond ring for her


The crisscross split shank adds more volume to the classic solitaire ring. Apart from that, one half of the band is studded with side stones, adding some more bling to the design!


elegant designs
#EF1242: Classic solitaire stud earrings


Put the round-cut solitaire in four prongs, with a screw back and you have a dainty creation like this one. You can also choose from white, yellow or rose gold for a more bespoke look.


women's diamond earrings
#EF1200: Squared-in-gold diamond earrings


A pair of exquisite stud earrings can be among the best treasure in your jewellery collection.


elegant designs
#NK1133: Floating beauty lariat necklace


When you’re confused about what necklace you can wear, always wear a versatile design like this one.


floating diamonds necklace
#NK1136: Swerving rocks lariat necklace


Flexible designs are beautiful because even you can decide the way you want them to look. You just need one versatile design!



elegant designs
#PF1248: Twined hoops diamond pendant


This modern design features two intertwined hoops that carry the solitaire at the centre of the design. Ideal to be paired with formal wear!



women's diamond pendant
#PF1233: Six-prong classic solitaire pendant


You should not have to think twice before indulging yourself with this timeless solitaire adorned by 6 prongs and a fixed bail.


elegant designs
#BF1117: Clasped solitaire bracelet


Looking for something simple and delicate? Look no further. This fine solitaire bracelet is ready to charm you with its simplicity.


diamond bracelet for her
#BF1128: Elegant squares diamond bracelet


Don’t let anyone tell you that one solitaire is enough. Because with diamonds and elegant designs, more is always less!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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