July 31, 2019

Engagement rings in the year 2019

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It takes a while to meet someone special with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives. And once we find them, it takes a while to find the perfect diamond engagement ring to make an everlasting promise. And when it comes to engagement rings, most of us love keeping up with the latest trend. 


There is no hard and fast rule on finding a great diamond engagement ring that appeals to both of you.


You might find a suitable one after browsing through a handful of rings at the jewellery store. Or it might take a few days getting your hands on something that makes you fall all the more in love.

Diamonds have always been in trend but, of late, fancy diamond cuts are the real deal. This does not say that round diamonds are old fashioned; classics live forever. But many are now designing their engagement rings to add more volume to the round cut diamond.

Fancy cut diamonds are bold because they are different. And you can get creative with fancy cut ring designs as much as you would with a round cut.


That’s what this year and the ones to come are all about; experimenting.


Designing an engagement ring

More brides-to-be are now choosing to design their own rings – right from the diamond cut to the colour of the metal. They plan their engagement ring a few months in advance to ensure that they get exactly what they want.

Some people order the diamond and the ring separately to ensure that they can have it customised as per their preference. They can then take it to the jeweller, select a design and go on to make the actual ornament.

After the round brilliant cut, the best choice for engagement rings is the oval cut, the pear and the cushion cut. While their fire, brilliance and scintillation may not be equal to that of a round diamond, they’re still quite dazzling.

Engagement ring settings


What sets an engagement ring apart from your other jewellery is the ring setting.


The ring setting design is distinctive and slightly elaborate. Here are a few styles that have been trending so far in 2019:

The prong setting is the simplest ring setting one can choose. The solitaire on the gold or platinum band is held in place by four or six metal prongs. This classic setting makes the solitaire look more prominent.

If you choose a round brilliant cut solitaire, a semi-bezel setting is a good bet and doesn’t require prongs. The portion above the girdle of the diamond is clearly visible in this setting and lets the stone shine bright.

The most popular engagement ring setting is the halo setting. If you choose a small centre stone, you can enlarge its appearance with a diamond-studded halo. Rings with a halo setting go well even with a slim and plain band.

The engagement ring budget

Even if you buy an engagement ring just once in your life, be careful not to sacrifice all your savings. Most of us plan it carefully to ensure that we get the best for a good budget.


Planning your ring budget doesn’t make you stingy, it only makes you wiser. 


It leaves you with the freedom to buy some more diamond jewellery if you feel like. While we do not encourage you to go and buy the cheapest ring available, it is always sensible to plan your budget.

The above-mentioned ring settings and diamond cuts are already doing their rounds this year. But don’t be shy to take inspiration from your grandmother’s jewellery box.

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