January 20, 2020
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Easily get personalised solitaire jewellery online

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There are fashion trends which storm into the market, become a rage and fade away faster than the wind. This might be true in terms of shoes and clothes. But not so much with jewellery. And definitely not solitaire jewellery! Personalised solitaire jewellery is one such trend that has appealed to consumers across all age groups. 

Diamonds have always been popular everywhere, in the form of diamond rings, diamond earrings, solitaire pendants and so on. Until a few years ago, online diamond jewellery shopping meant buying readymade ornaments. But now, with the ease of choosing your favourite designs online, you can also design a personal piece.


Why should you have personalised solitaire jewellery?


As special as diamond jewellery feels, it becomes even more unique when you can design it yourself. Today, most women and a number of men wear diamonds. The most common piece of solitaire jewellery is a solitaire ring. Earlier if it was gold and diamonds, then today it is solitaires.

People choose personalised solitaire jewellery for several reasons. One can design solitaire jewellery for the loved ones on a special occasion. Not only can you choose the size and the quality of the diamond but also the jewellery design.

Creating your own jewellery not only lets you control the quality but also the budget. While making a ring, if you choose a round diamond on a 4-prong setting, you can also select the 4Cs.

It is mainly during engagements and anniversaries that people choose personalised solitaire jewellery. But you can also create one to celebrate other moments such as a new job or a new house.


How to create your own styles?


Creating personalised solitaire jewellery is no rocket science. If you have already purchased solitaire jewellery before, it is easy to understand what designs you’re looking for. A lot of people love simple designs while someone else may like slightly elaborate ones. But sometimes, you do not get what you’re looking for.

With an online solitaire jewellery store, it is not difficult to find your favourite design. But at times, you might want to make something of your own. This is when you feel the need to own a special piece of personalised solitaire jewellery.

It isn’t difficult to design your own jewellery. All you have to do is choose a diamond that you like. Since solitaire jewellery focuses on the beauty of a single and sizeable diamond, choose accordingly. The diamond you choose need not necessarily be a 1.00 ct stone but you can also start with a 0.30 carat. After selecting the size of the stone, you also need to consider the cut, clarity and colour. If the stone isn’t a very large one, you can choose a higher clarity grade and less colour in the stone. 

The diamond’s colour grade also depends on the gold colour you choose for your ornament. The setting is a slightly tricky choice and a lot of people who are new to creating their jewellery can get confused. One important tip is to use fewer prongs for smaller solitaires. More prongs can affect the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.

When it comes to personalised solitaire jewellery, you can take the liberty of deciding how many prongs you want. Such pieces are special for us because we put in a bit of our creativity here!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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