December 31, 2019
Akshaya Tritiya

Ditch store visits for a diamond jewellery trial!

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Finding good quality solitaire jewellery and then buying it is not as easy as it sounds. Unless you have a trusted family jeweller, diamond jewellery shopping is an effort. It is true that we do enjoy buying diamonds. After all, these precious beauties are all about joyful moments and happy memories! Before you buy the solitaires, we love to try them on. What if you have the choice of at-home trials when it comes to solitaire jewellery? Doesn’t a diamond jewellery trial at home sound interesting?

No more diamond jewellery trial at stores


This is the regular kind of jewellery trial we are aware of. At the store, the jeweller brings out our choice of ornaments and lets us try them on. It is an easy way to try jewellery for real if you already know what you intend to buy. Wearing it once before the purchase only reaffirms our confidence.

But this kind of shopping obviously has its downsides. Suppose you do not find the desired piece of solitaire jewellery at one jewellery store? You will have to visit a few more and find what you really like. That would mean a few good hours of roaming here and there. And God forbid, if it is daytime, then there is no saying how uncomfortable it could get in the heat!

You might also find a good jeweller and great jewellery but might have to wait until you get undivided attention. Most of the time, the stores are crowded and the brand executives are busy. Waiting for a long time can spoil the experience of shopping for diamond jewellery.

Solitaire jewellery in the comfort of your home


Very few jewellery brands actually offer to let you try on jewellery at home. Most others do not offer this service. Since solitaire jewellery is exceptionally precious, fewer brands bring it to your doorstep. A brand that values consumer satisfaction will always go that extra mile and offer at-home trials.

Divine Solitaires not only lets you choose your favourite solitaire jewellery but also arranges for at-home trials on request. Trying on solitaire jewellery is possible in the comfort of your home. The brand believes that the solitaire experience is complete if you are comfortable while trying on the ornaments. Furthermore, they offer at-home trials on solitaire jewellery at no extra cost.

At-home trials are important for a brand because it serves to make things easier for consumers. The process is quite uncomplicated and smooth. If you have already selected the piece you would like to try on, you can still try other ornaments. Suppose, you like a pair of solitaire earrings, there will be some more options to compare with. That way, if you happen to like another pair, you can make up your mind accordingly.

The ease of trying jewellery at home is somewhat new but is surely here to stay!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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