February 15, 2020
Born Pretty

Discover stylish solitaire jewellery with Born Pretty

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Solitaire jewellery is not the same as diamond jewellery. Be it the kind of designs or the pricing, the difference is apparent once you see them side by side. For one, you cannot really wear diamond jewellery to work unless it is very light and delicate. It has a more traditional appeal and looks great at weddings, family functions and the like. Solitaire jewellery, on the other hand, is a great match for your work-wear and even casual outings. At the same time, it should be something that makes you feel really special. Born Pretty by Divine Solitaires is the kind of light, unique and stylish solitaire jewellery for you.

Every piece of this collection features sparkling solitaires in dainty designs that don’t just look light but are also comfortable. Whether you’re at work or planning a fun after-work party, these pieces are a perfect companion for your plans.


Solitaire jewellery you can relate to


When you choose or customise a piece of solitaire jewellery, it means something to you. No one really just picks an ornament because they are out of options. They look for something that embodies their personal style or says something about their personality.

A cheerful and bubbly young woman might choose to wear sparkling jewellery that she thinks will match with her personality. Someone with a more serious nature could wear very light and classic pieces that they relate to.

Born Pretty features pieces of fine solitaire jewellery in a variety of designs that you can wear anytime and anywhere. And if you’re wearing your jewellery most of the time, you would obviously want it to make you feel unique. 


Pairing Born Pretty with your formals


For Indian women, formal wear is not just limited to western outfits. A kurta and leggings, salwar kameez or even sarees make up for formal attire. Depending on what you wear, here is a brief guide on how you can match your solitaire jewellery pieces with your clothes.

With a shirt and a pair of trousers or a formal dress, you can try pairing them with these designs. You can also style your hair according to the pieces and your outfit’s style for a new look.



Born Pretty
#EF1460: Bright drop solitaire earrings



If you’re all for dainty and petite designs, we have something for you. The delicate gold outline brings a touch of femininity to this fabulous motif.



Solitaire pendant
#PF1305: Bright drop solitaire pendant



Some solitaire pendants look even better when you wear them. Once you select the one you like, don’t wait for long to wear it and show it off!



Born Pretty
#RF2067: Bright drop women’s solitaire ring



Two brilliant solitaires at the head of the ring, clasped within the golden shank. That’s a treat for the eyes when you want a great design with solitaires.

Or you could also try a design that adds more volume to the solitaire, making it look bigger.



Born Pretty
#EF1464: Circling duo solitaire earrings



The looped circles on these solitaire earrings make for a very contemporary design. Stylish and artful, they are a great choice for formal wear!



Born Pretty
#PF1309: Circling duo solitaire pendant



Every detail on this pendant, starting from the marvellous solitaire to the looped design brings this magnificent ornament to life.



Solitaire ring for her
#RF2071: Circling duo women’s solitaire ring



The solitaire protected inside the looped halo is a treat for the eyes. If you love such designs, let’s say you’ve found what you were looking for.


Your traditional wear X this collection


Indian traditional wear often calls for gold and diamond jewellery for a complete look. But who said solitaires couldn’t do the trick? In fact, these adorable beauties here can make you feel really special and comfortable, at the same time!



Born Pretty
#EF1457: Chic twirl solitaire earrings



You’ll know that the curves on this ornament are as precious as the curve of your smile. All you have to do is wear them and match their beauty with yours.




Solitaire pendant for women
#PF1302: Chic twirl solitaire pendant



A pretty outline like this paired with a glittering solitaire makes for the best adornment for a quiet dinner date. Let him marvel at your beauty!



Born Pretty
#RF2064: Chic twirl women’s solitaire ring



Solitaire rings are fun when the design strays from being ordinary. Even the smallest details, like a curved ring band, can make a difference.


Why not turn to a delicate filigree pattern to go with your favourite saree?



Solitaire earrings for women
#EF1463: Gleaming filigree solitaire earrings



The artistic touch of the framework design on this pair of solitaire earrings is quite a piece of art. If you intend to make this yours, we commend your choice!



Born Pretty
#PF1308: Gleaming filigree solitaire pendant



A piece of jewellery should have two things – an exciting design and a lovely solitaire diamond. And if you choose such a pendant, it becomes even prettier!



Women's solitaire ring
#RF2070: Gleaming filigree women’s solitaire ring



A combination of latticework and a flower on solitaire jewellery brings out the real beauty of the ornament. This ring is quite the piece you would love to have.

There is a variety of solitaire jewellery designs in Born Pretty you can choose from. As a result, you have a number of styles to go with all your outfits. With solitaires, less is always more. Which is why even the designs are simple and yet, brilliant.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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