September 17, 2019
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Diamond shapes: The popular choices

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So many shapes and colours in diamonds makes it difficult to choose one. You feel confused and want to buy them all. But you will pick up only what you need. Let’s take a look at the most popular diamond shapes and how you can look for the best one.

Round brilliant cut

The round brilliant is the most classic and hence, common diamond cut. It is called so since the round refers to the shape and the brilliant refers to the cut. It the only one that does not fall under the fancy diamond shapes category.


Classic round brilliant diamonds are always chosen for all styles in jewellery.


Select the best round brilliant cut

The total number of facets on a round brilliant is 58, which also includes the culet. The lustre of this round cut lies in its cut and polish. An Excellent cut will give you an excellent shine. Likewise, if are looking for a superior sparkle, you could also try the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut.

Another way to pick the best round brilliant is to look for a Hearts & Arrows diamond. The H&A is a rare pattern that signifies perfect cut & symmetry. Only 1% of diamonds in the world are H&A diamonds.

Princess cut diamond

The princess cut is a diamond engagement ring favourite. If you’ve seen a French cut diamond, you’ll know the princess cut. The shape is mostly square but it can also be rectangular. Its name comes from the style of cut and not the country of origin. The princess cut is a modified version of the same. Another name for the princess cut is the square modified brilliant. 


Save the corners of a princess-cut diamond from chipping with the help of prongs.


Select the best princess cut diamond

The inside of a princess-cut diamond reveals an X shaped marking, which is due to the stone’s pyramidal form. This style has lesser cuts than the round brilliant and so it also comparatively less expensive.

While looking for a good princess-cut diamond, make sure the X shaped marking is clearly visible. That will solely depend on the clarity of the stone. The presence of overtones also ruins the beauty of the stone, so avoid those. You should take care not to damage the corners of the princess cut diamond.

Pear-shaped diamond

The pear is another pretty fancy shape that is used mainly on diamond rings and also on other diamond jewellery. Though it is a beautiful shape, most people do not prefer it because it is difficult to pick a good pear shape. It is a great diamond shape for someone who wants to accentuate the length of their fingers.


Protect the pointed end of a pear-shaped diamond with a prong.



Select the best pear-shaped diamond

The best pear-shaped diamond will, no doubt, have an excellent cut and polish. The ideal shape should not be too stout in the middle and the tapering end will not be too long. Irrespective of the size or carat of the stone, don’t compromise on the dimensions.

You can, of course, have your own preference of how narrow or broad you want the solitaire to be. What you should really be looking out for is a bow-tie effect at the centre of the stone. Since the middle is rounded, there is a chance of a bow-tie being visible.

This part of the diamond is slightly darker than the rest of the stone but they are not inclusions. Depending on how well-cut the diamond is, the bow-tie is either hardly visible or clearly seen.

Oval-shaped diamond

The oval-shaped diamond is what you choose when you want a different look but something similar to a round brilliant. Like the pear-shaped diamond, it makes one’s fingers seem longer when placed on a ring. 


Oval-shaped diamonds on rings give out the illusion of length


Select the best oval-shaped diamond

As with the pear-shaped diamond, even oval-shaped diamonds have a bow-tie. If this pattern is very visible, it means the stone will look bad. The bow-tie effect is due to the leakage of light. As long as it is negligible, you need not worry.

Just make sure that you get an oval shape that does justice to the dimensions. If divided at the centre, two opposite sides and ends should be the same.

It isn’t very difficult selecting good diamond shapes if you know how to. One should never compromise on the cut and clarity of the stone. However, it is ok to choose stones with some colour since that is a personal preference.

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