August 3, 2019

Diamond earrings: Match the occasion

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You will be surprised at how versatile diamond earrings really are! Unlike your other jewellery, a couple of diamond earrings, diamond pendants and a diamond bracelet or two are quite enough. You need not even buy them all at once; maybe one every few months.

Even these few pieces will match well with all your clothes. All you have to do is select the design carefully. Traditional designs do not always go well with western outfits.

Choose styles that you can wear to work, a party, a family function as well as a wedding.

While the main beauty of diamond earrings comes from the stones, also ensure that you pay attention to the earring style. This matters when you are planning your jewellery for a certain occasion.

Pro tip: If you are looking for diamond earrings for a traditional outing or function, strike a balance between the gold and diamonds. They go perfectly well with lightly embroidered silk sarees and salwar suits.

Here are the three kinds of earrings that you must have in your jewellery box. A few select pieces will keep your collection clutter-free and you can match them with all kinds of outfits.

Diamond stud earrings

Simple and classic, diamond stud earrings are everyone’s favourites. No matter how petite, they always tend to look gorgeous. Such type of earrings has a knack of looking great on all kinds of outfits.

The look also depends on the number of diamonds on the earrings.



If you choose solitaire studs, you can pair them really well with light colours in traditional and western wear.

With the glamour of just a single stone, solitaire studs are minimalistic but gorgeous at the same time.

Diamond stud earrings are especially suitable as formal workwear jewellery. Even if you’re wearing a saree to work, a simple pair of studs can do wonders for that look!

Diamond huggie earrings

This type of diamond earrings looks attractive because the ‘huggie’ or the upper loop hugs your earlobe. They look all the better when the upper portion is studded with small diamonds.



Huggie earrings, as they are called, have two parts and are better suited for traditional wear. They are longer than stud earrings and if the lower part is longer, they are as good as danglers.

If your earrings have a lot of diamonds embedded on them, then you could carry off this look at a wedding function. For a more formal outing, like a business lunch, stick to solitaire earrings.

Diamond lever-back earrings

Leverback earrings, as the name suggests, have a small lever at the back of the earring. Unlike hook earrings, the back of these earrings is closed. As a result, they do not hurt the back of the ears or get caught in open hair.



Apart from having a rather practical design, they are also quite pretty. The lever itself is simple and has no diamonds on it. This brings all the attention to the lower part of the earrings which is either studded with diamonds or holds a solitaire.

Such earrings are great if the occasion is an evening out with a date or your friends. You can effortlessly pair it with a gown or a dress. The comfort factor of these earrings makes it an ideal party wear!

We all know that genuine diamonds are quite expensive. One cannot afford to have several pairs of diamond earrings. Hence choosing a few good pairs that can be matched appropriately with all your clothes is very important.

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