November 21, 2019
customised solitaire jewellery

Customised solitaire jewellery: Build your own

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We love the diamond jewellery we own. One can choose from a variety of jewellers and designs that appeal to our personal style and fit our budget! And isn’t it even better when you can design your own diamond jewellery? Customised solitaire jewellery is not only a reflection of our personality but also our creativity.

Designing your own jewellery is a wonderful thing to do if you already haven’t tried it before. Let’s see what makes customised solitaire jewellery more special.

Customised solitaire jewellery: your style, your choice


Bespoke diamond jewellery is always special. It is your very own and something that no other jeweller has. The best thing is that the budget is completely under your control because you know every detail of the jewellery! 

It is essential to have at least one such piece in your collection that always reminds you why it is so special. Of course, you will receive all the help you need from your jeweller. No one really gets it right the first time.

There are different occasions on which you can get your own customised solitaire jewellery. Celebrating your first salary with a piece of solitaire jewellery is wonderful. But wouldn’t you love to make something on your own? It doesn’t matter if the ornament is small, the fact that you are doing it matters!

Most of us get the chance to have our own customised solitaire jewellery when we design our engagement ring. Most classic diamond engagement rings have at least one diamond. But it depends on how you wish you design it.

How can you design your own jewellery?


It always starts either with a setting or the diamond. It works both ways, which is great for you. The only thing you need to consider is the quality of the diamond. Do not settle for something too cheap in a bid to save money. When it comes to your solitaire engagement ring, fix a decent budget.

While choosing a diamond, the 4Cs are of primary importance. Not everyone will want a flawless diamond with no colour. That would be quite expensive unless the solitaire is really small. With bigger solitaires, you can make minor adjustments to the colour and clarity. Keep in mind that the slightest difference in the carat size will influence the pricing of the diamond.

The colour of the diamond will not just depend on your budget but also the colour of your metal. You can either pair a yellow-tinted solitaire with yellow gold or a colourless one with white gold. As far as pricing is concerned, you can adjust the diamond’s clarity and carat to match your budget.

There are a number of settings you can choose from. The prong setting, semi-bezel setting and tension setting are the best options for diamond rings and diamond earrings. They secure the stone and also add to the beauty of the ornament.

Others like the pavé setting and channel setting look better as embellishments. More than supporting the diamond, they add some extra shine on the jewellery.

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