March 20, 2020
create your own solitaire jewellery

Creating your own solitaire jewellery: Yay or nay?

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While buying solitaire jewellery feels special and like a lot of fun, making something yourself is great too. When your favourite solitaire jewellery design is unavailable in stores, what do you do? Most of us would leave a reminder with the jeweller and wait for a newer piece. What if you had to ditch the trouble of even going to the store and making one yourself online? Now that’s something most women would love to do. Creating your own solitaire jewellery online has its own perks. The first one is, adding a bit of your creativity to the ornament. The second one is being able to control the budget completely.

So, what are we waiting for? Find out how you can go about creating your own solitaire jewellery!


Don’t know where to begin?


Creating your own solitaire jewellery is quite simple. All it takes is three easy steps, a laptop or phone and your beautiful design ready in a jiffy. You can choose to start with a setting or start with a diamond.

If you’re selecting a solitaire first, know the 4Cs of a diamond well. Did you know that a perfectly cut, colourless and flawless diamond is the best? Even a small diamond that is clear and well-cut will shine brilliantly and look amazing on any jewellery. You can select your diamonds from an entire solitaire listing.

Depending on the gold colour and also your budget, you can choose the diamond colour, clarity and size. Stones with a faint yellowish tinge are great for yellow and rose gold. Similarly, colourless diamonds are the best for white gold.


Selecting a beautiful jewellery setting


Choosing a suitable setting for your jewellery is no rocket science. If you’re worried about the final look, you can opt for a home trial before the purchase.

Browse through a range of elegant settings of all styles. Whether you’re looking for a daily wear piece or something more elaborate, you can take your pick! One tip to choosing everyday wear jewellery is to pick a very simple setting. Whether it is a diamond rings, earrings, pendants or nose pins that you choose, the choice is to go for a really light piece.

In the case of a special event, the setting can be a little more intricate. There will be more intricate patterns on the gold body and more side diamonds too.


The final step of creating your own solitaire jewellery


Once you’ve put the setting and the diamond together, you can sit back and look at your masterpiece. It is immensely satisfying to make your own solitaire jewellery. And now, this is not only possible but also surprisingly simple.

If you feel that the jewellery you make online may not suit you when you wear it, no worries! You can always choose the Try-at-Home option for a free trial. You have the liberty to create and try more than one piece. That way, you can choose those you like the best. Or simply keep them around. There’s nothing such as ‘too many diamonds’.

So, now that you have everything you need, what’s keeping you from creating your own solitaire jewellery?

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