March 23, 2020
diamond tanmaniya

Contemporary diamond tanmaniya styles you will love!

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Your daily styling routine is not just about your clothes. It is also about your accessories. And of course, jewellery. Solitaire jewellery is great for everyday wear. But we know how you love to wear different styles of attire wherever you go. And so, your solitaire jewellery too must live up to those expectations. But when it comes to a diamond tanmaniya, not all styles will blend well with your outfits.


The relevance of a diamond tanmaniya


A tanmaniya is a necklace, worn by married women in India. It is mainly suited for traditional wear. The mangalsutra which incorporates black beads in its design is also another ornament originally designed for traditional wear. But there are also diamond mangalsutra designs that one can explore online. With time, tanmaniyas have been designed, keeping in mind current styling trends. A solitaire tanmaniya, therefore, can have a very contemporary appeal.

We agree that now you should avoid going anywhere. And also refrain from receiving guests at home. But that doesn’t mean you can cheer yourself up with some aesthetic solitaire jewellery. Even if can’t don’t go anywhere, you can still check out these styles from the safety of your home.


A fine choice for yourself



women's solitaire jewellery
#MF010: Three-stone diamond tanmaniya



With three diamonds on this pavé-set tanmaniya, the large solitaire in the centre is beautified by smaller diamonds. Who wouldn’t love to get their hands on this gorgeous piece?



diamond tanmaniya
#MF011: Three-diamond curved tanmaniya



This elegant tanmaniya pendant with delicate curves, a round-cut solitaire and two princess-cut solitaires is a true beauty! A delightful combination of the three gives you this stunning design.




solitaire jewellery design
#MF012: Contemporary diamond tanmaniya



Two different designs combined in the same ornament can give you a beautiful result like this one. The solitaire at the nexus of the two patterns is the cherry on the cake!



diamond tanmaniya
#MF014: Pavé-set arched tanmaniya



Forming a radiant crescent with the side stones in a pavé setting, the solitaire sparkles brighter at the base. Two smaller stones enhance the presence of the bigger jewel.

Looking stylish and trendy is easy even with the simplest of solitaire jewellery designs. No matter what your style, there is always a design that will complement any look. Even with a diamond tanmaniya, you can now flaunt an uber-modern look. Indulge yourself with these beauties as you decide on your favourite one!

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