October 21, 2019
beautiful solitaires

Beautiful solitaires for your bridesmaids

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The wedding season is around the corner and there is so much to be done. And so, getting your hands on some beautiful solitaires should be on your list. The bride’s jewellery obviously comes first and then the other women in the family get their share. And it would be unfair to leave out your bridesmaids out of this.

The bride’s squad consists of her siblings, cousins and best friends who have always been there for her. And during her wedding, they work tirelessly to ensure nothing is out of place! If you’ve especially chosen them to be your bridesmaids, you should also choose the ideal gift for them. Some beautiful solitaires for your big day will be the best gift you can give them.

Solitaire ring styles for each bridesmaid


If your school bestie has a taste for simpler designs, you can be sure this one will appeal to her. The simplicity and elegance of a tension-set bypass solitaire ring with four prongs will remain, forever, unequalled. This is what makes this design eternal! 

Classic women’s diamond ring



You’ve just seen the right solitaire ring to be paired with traditional wear. This is exactly the piece your own sister would love to have on your wedding day. And while she will be a grand sight, she won’t be stealing your thunder. The two half pavé-set leaf-like curves with a detailed gold outline embolden the glimmer of the diamond.

Curved fashion solitaire ring for her


A gentle chain link pattern crafted from the golden band and the classic solitaire in a four-prong setting come together in a charming combination. That one girl who will love having this ring is the cousin who has an eye for well-balanced designs. The gold and the diamond on this ornament perfectly complement each other.

beautiful diamonds
Chain loop women’s diamond ring



What outfits can you pair a classic diamond ring with? This chic and versatile tension-set solitaire ring with a delicate band is the answer for your styling needs. Believe us, the one who gets this classic ring is one lucky lass! She need hardly look for another solitaire ring once she gets this one from you.

Precious disc solitaire ring for her



Your best friend has to be a part of the team. This curvy-ended bypass ring holds the radiant solitaire within its grasp, enhancing the elegance of the pattern and magnifying the appearance of the stone. This is definitely the one she should have if she loves a fine design.

beautiful solitaires
Clutched solitaire ring for her



Beautiful solitaires one can’t leave at home


Whether you want to go all out and splurge on these gifts or plan the budget carefully is your choice. But you can be sure that your girls are going to love you for these precious solitaire rings. In case, you want to keep a tab on the budget, you can also customise the beautiful solitaires. You can always opt for a lightly-coloured diamond if the ring is made of yellow gold.

Solitaire jewellery is elegant and you can wear it anywhere and anytime, without looking glitzy. Not only is it lightweight but also adds a brilliant sparkle to the look with fewer diamonds. Since there are lesser diamonds on solitaire jewellery, most people prefer to customise the cut and carat of every stone. 

Not one of them will judge you for gifting a small diamond. On the contrary, they’ll pleasantly surprise your squad beyond belief. All you need to do is gift it to them with a sense of genuine gratitude! After all, they’re going to be around you all evening, at your beck and call.

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