October 22, 2019
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An eternity ring, dedicated to her

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We associate diamond engagement rings and wedding rings with the concept of romance and marriage. But there is yet another type of ring that is used to express true love and companionship – an eternity ring.  These rings were more popular in Western culture but now women all over the world wear them.

Certain ancient cultures used the sign of a serpent forming a circle and swallowing its own tail to symbolise eternity. It is possible that this was the earliest inspiration of an eternity ring. Since long these rings have been associated with everlasting love and commitment. Most men gift an eternity ring to their wives after several years of marriage.

An eternity ring for your significant other

Of late, there is a change in the trend and one can gift it to their significant other on other occasions too. This could be on a couple’s first anniversary or even after the birth of their first child.

These rings feature a line of diamonds set all around the band. Even if the stones are quite small, they tend to brush against the other fingers. As a result, it becomes difficult to wear a full eternity ring on a daily basis. 


half eternity ring
Half eternity ring. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Here is where the half eternity ring comes into the picture. These have diamonds only along the front part of the ring. Not only are they more comfortable to wear but also look great. The design is more modern & practical than the full eternity ring. The other plus points are that they’re also easier to clean and one can resize it.

Since the design of these rings is simple, they are also called eternity bands. If you’re at the jeweller’s, it is likely that they could refer to it as an eternity band as well. But they basically mean the same thing.

Some wear the eternity ring along with the wedding ring or engagement ring. Others who don’t like wearing two rings together, wear it as the wedding ring on the ring finger. There is no rule or tradition that says which finger is more appropriate. 

Styling them with other rings

They are usually made of white gold or platinum but it’s okay you if want one in rose or yellow gold. Also, some choose to set other precious stones on it instead of diamonds. But in case you’re wearing a white gold or platinum eternity ring, diamonds are a great choice. Even in diamonds, the amount of colour in it should match the metal colour.


Full eternity ring. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Though traditionally eternity rings had only round brilliant diamonds, it is a now a trend to have fancy cut diamonds. Quite a lot of them also use baguette or even princess cut diamonds. If you customise your own ring, there are different ways to create your own.

For one, you can decide whether it should have a simple or a curvy band. Next, you can also choose the diamond cuts and their sizes. You can play around with two or more different cuts for a dramatic effect. Since an eternity ring is an ornament you’ll be wearing all the time, take care not to overdo it.

These rings are very versatile when you stack them with other rings. Depending on the design, you can also choose the other rings. While eternity rings are a symbol of love, they’re equally trendy too!

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