November 5, 2019
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Versatile solitaires: Not for the locker

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We buy diamonds for rare occasions and special moments in our lives. The purchasing of diamonds always means celebration and joy. But what happens to the diamond jewellery after the said events? We store them away safely in our personal lockers until the next occasion comes up. When you buy diamond jewellery wisely, you realise that they can be worn even when there are no weddings or functions to go to. Versatile solitaires are the need of the hour as you can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

When you keep your diamond jewellery stored away for too long, you need to clean it before wearing them again. However, that isn’t really the issue. It is more about their utility. Why not have solitaires that not only beautify you but are also worth their true value?

But do you know what one really means by versatile solitaires?

Diamond jewellery and solitaire jewellery always serve the purpose of adorning us. Be it a diamond engagement ring or a diamond pendant, we own at least one such piece. We wear these from time to time and then they go back to our safes. It is not every day that you celebrate a wedding, a family function or even a major festival.

There are two ways to ensure that your diamonds are useful all year long. Firstly, it would be wise to switch to solitaire jewellery. Since it isn’t practical to wear bulky diamond jewellery to work and to formal events, versatile solitaires to the rescue!

Secondly, solitaires also have great asset value. Due to the concept of Nationwide Standard & Transparent Pricing for diamonds by Divine Solitaires, their diamonds are reliable assets. In this way, not only can you wear your solitaire jewellery but also make good use of it otherwise.

Adding more value to your solitaires

You can gauge the value of your solitaire by its rate of appreciation. One can track the same by following the changes in the price trends. Diamond prices often fluctuate due to several reasons. When one documents these fluctuations in an organised manner, it is easier to understand the trends. The Solitaire Price Index by Divine Solitaires reflects the price change every month. This index is an average of all the diamonds listed in the Divine Solitaires Price List.

While thinking of versatile solitaires, you should not only consider their beauty and strength but also their value. Investing in solitaires can be useful in many ways; you can upgrade them or resell them when you need to. In other words, they won’t just be sitting idle in your safe when you’re not wearing them.

With time, the investment value of solitaires has become as good as that of gold, in fact, even better. The steady appreciation of diamonds in the last 10 years shows that solitaires will be great to invest in.

The ease of fair pricing also makes them a reliable asset. The good news about diamonds is that since they’re extremely valuable, appreciating prices mean good returns.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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