February 19, 2020
trying diamond jewellery

Trying diamond jewellery at home is in trend and here’s why!

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Think of the time our grandmothers spent when they wanted to buy diamond jewellery. No phones, internet or home-delivery services. Taking care of the solitaire jewellery purchasing process on their own, with little help from the jeweller. And their research nothing beyond what the jeweller told them. Or maybe a few verbal reviews from friends who had already purchased something. At least trying diamond jewellery at home would have definitely changed the game for them.

And today, it is trending for the very same reasons. No one likes to wait for their turn in the store. You know you won’t get enough attention there with other customers walking in. Trying diamond jewellery at home is hassle-free, convenient and saves time you’d otherwise spend in a traffic jam! Read on to know how you can make the best of trying diamond jewellery at home.


Touch and feel to know the quality


You can do this at the store but not when you’re buying solitaire jewellery online. But your visit to the store is not going to be without any trouble. The time and energy you spend on travelling there may simply kill the mood. That may not always be the case but why go to the store when your jewellery can come to you?


Manage time by trying diamond jewellery


Apart from avoiding the trip to the store, you can also sneak in the at-home trial in your spare time. At-home jewellery trials fit into your schedule so that you do not have to keep your work aside for it. If you schedule a visit after work, you can do that. Some solitaire jewellery brands also extend this service on weekends!


Ask questions directly to the representative


The representative who brings the jewellery to your house is someone who can answer all your questions. Be it a query about the quality, design, pricing or company policies, you can put forth your concerns.

The personalised experience of trying diamond jewellery at home has this advantage. They might also be able to give you a spot of information on diamond education!


Just to be sure, get everyone’s opinion


Wearing your jewellery and swirling and twirling in front of the store’s mirror could get a little awkward. At home, you can admire yourself in your own mirror, from any angle you want. And if your opinion doesn’t convince you, then you can ask your family for theirs. Something like this might end up wasting a lot of people’s time at the store but not here!


Trying diamond jewellery with your outfits


Take the liberty to check your jewellery box and find out if the new pieces are good to go with the others. Similarly, you can also match it to some of your outfits and see how well they go. Considering that solitaire jewellery is quite versatile, you shouldn’t have a problem.

But if it’s for a wedding or a function, trying diamond jewellery along with your dress makes sense. Now you know how you’ll look on that day and you can easily avoid goofing it up.

There could be more reasons why trying diamond jewellery at home is trending. For one, rushing through the buying process is absolutely inadvisable. You need to know what you’re spending on. And feeling the quality of the jewellery before buying it is quite assuring.

Most importantly, you’re saving a lot of time and energy which you can easily spend on your other tasks. So, the next time you buy diamond jewellery, you know what to do!

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