May 13, 2020
price of a diamond

The price of a diamond: Then and now

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Diamonds, even in their rough form, are very valuable. A rough is quite unique in its own way but hardly beautiful. So, naturally, when it is cut and given a good polish, its value goes up. Cut grades range from Poor and Good and go up to the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut. At the time when our grandmothers were young, a diamond did not have to be precisely cut to be beautiful. Therefore, a Good cut would suffice. These days, no one would want a Good cut unless they absolutely had to! The price of a diamond also increases or decreases as per the cut grade.


The diamond’s carat weight


It is obvious that a bigger diamond will always be more expensive than a smaller one. But as long as the other parameters are not in place, it won’t be beautiful. Previously, it wasn’t the cut or the clarity that mattered. Larger diamonds were the trend and it was necessary that they be noticed on ornaments.

Even today, larger diamonds are still in trend. However, that isn’t the only prerequisite for a beautiful solitaire. The price of a diamond usually changes with a slight change in weight. Hence, carat weight is quite important.


The cut, colour & clarity


A diamond is never white; it is simply colourless. If you refer to a diamond colour chart, the colour grading begins with the letter D and ends with Z. Diamonds from grade D to F are completely colourless. Starting from G, the stones start gaining a little body colour. This is visible through careful observation and the last few grades from S to Z has a clearly visible but light-yellow hue.

The clarity of the solitaire is yet another parameter which affects its beauty. A diamond with inclusions and blemishes is less attractive than one that’s clear. While a couple of minute inclusions may not make much difference in quality, the price of a diamond changes.

Most importantly, it is the cut of a diamond that determines its beauty. It is the most basic parameter for beautifying a solitaire. An excellent cut and polish can ensure that a diamond is of superior quality.


The price of a diamond today


Today, if you had to know the price of a diamond, you would have to look up the internet. There are other ways to know the price as well. But when you need a hassle-free and quick solution, we don’t have any. Moreover, it is essential that we get the right diamond price. That only comes with transparency and standardisation of diamond prices.

Divine Solitaires has its own Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List for its diamonds. This price list is updated at the start of every month and all of the brand’s stores follow it. It contains the price of all Divine Solitaires diamonds, as per their size and other attributes. Hence, with the change in the diamond prices, you can also know the best time to buy a diamond.

Divine Solitaires also releases a Solitaire Price Index around the beginning of each month. The figure on the SPI is an average of all the diamonds listed in the price list. The SPI also indicates the month-on-month as well as the year-on-year price trend.

The brand’s digital platform which integrates the web and the mobile application makes this easier. With a simple click or tap, you get can daily and real-time diamond prices at your fingertips.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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