July 13, 2019
Ex.Ex.Ex Plus Cut

The Ex.Ex.Ex Plus Cut: The uniquely brilliant cut

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The diamond cut is the most important among the 4Cs of a diamond. This does not imply that the other Cs are less important and would not matter at all. However, if something were to go wrong with the cut of a diamond, it would tarnish the stone’s beauty. Among all cut grades, have you heard about the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus Cut?

Moreover, no amount of polishing and caring for a diamond can ever change what a bad cut has damaged.

A diamond is close to worthless if it isn’t beautiful and that beauty comes mainly from the cut. To put it clearly, the better the cut, the more beautiful the diamond.

It is necessary to know how the diamond cut makes it pretty. A diamond’s brilliance, fire and scintillation are determined by the cut. It is what makes the diamond reflect as much light as possible.

The shine is a combination of brilliance, fire and scintillation. The term fire is used for the light that is dispersed into the colours of a rainbow. Scintillation stands for the sparkle when you move the diamond in the presence of light.

According to the Gemological Institute of America, a diamond cut can be classified as good, very good and excellent.

The value of a diamond obviously increases with its cut. While shopping for diamond jewellery, stones with an excellent cut will cost more than those with a good cut.

Most jewellers claim to have only excellent cut stones in their stores. But it is easy to verify which stone has an excellent cut.


Know the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus Cut


There is a cut that is known as the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus Cut that is above any other diamond cut in the world. It stands for the most superior quality craftsmanship which can only be achieved by the most experienced artisans.

Diamond cutting as such is a very complicated and fine art. It is the only parameter of the 4Cs under human control. This means that the artisan has to be extremely skilled to avoid any mistakes while cutting a diamond.

If a diamond is cut in the right proportions, the light will not escape to the bottom of the stone. If the light does reach the bottom of the stone, it escapes and does not give out a good shine.


Better than the best


Here, a combination of excellent symmetry, polish and shine can ensure that you get the best looking stone.

Diamonds that are too deep or shallow do not allow the light from outside to be reflected. It is the lower part of the diamond, the pavilion that shows the depth of the stone.

As a result, you have a dull looking stone. It is an ideal cut that combines the reflection and refraction of light for a perfect brilliance.

For this, the precision and placement of each facet are very important. Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut diamonds have this advantage and so one need not worry about the cut quality. Moreover, a diamond certificate will and must always mention the cut grade.

Diamonds are a huge expense which is why people prefer to go only for the best cut. Compromising on the cut grade is always a personal choice. But it is always advisable to downgrade the colour or clarity instead of the cut.

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