November 3, 2019
sparkling solitaires

Sparkling solitaires and how to buy them online

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Shopping for diamonds is not one of the easiest tasks there is. First-time buyers probably need to make checklists to ensure that they get the sparkling solitaires they’re looking for. Even then, you may end up with diamond jewellery that is overpriced or of low quality. This way, it may seem that there is no way to get hold of great solitaires. But there is!

Did you know that only making a checklist is not enough? And that buying sparkling solitaires online is a different ball game altogether? Everyone knows that online shopping is meant to ease our problems. So let’s bust some myths about buying solitaires online.

Buying sparkling solitaires online

When it comes to buying diamonds, the touch-and-feel factor is an important point. At a store, it is easy to touch the jewellery and try it on before purchase. You can look at it from different angles and inspect it anyhow you wish to.

It is best to understand what else you need to know before you buy diamonds online. Always start with some research on purchasing diamonds online. Many buyers post their experiences in the form of short articles or reviews. Read them to understand how they started. Diamond education covers a lot of information on diamonds. This includes the quality and pricing of diamonds.

The very first thing that entices us about solitaire jewellery online is the designs. The kind of variety in designs you find online is something you may not see in stores. If you visit a jeweller who specifically provides only quality diamonds, then you don’t need to worry while buying them online. A brand that sells quality diamonds offline is bound to sell great diamonds online as well.

Add to that the ease of physical comfort involved in shopping for sparkling solitaires online. You can browse from a wide range of designs online, without having to hurry up! The reason you can’t do the same at the store is that there will be other customers waiting.

The pricing and quality of diamonds online

What all do we look at when we buy diamonds at a store? Firstly, it is the traditional characteristics like the cut, carat, clarity and colour that matter. But did you know that some diamonds, the rarest ones, display the Hearts & Arrows pattern? Only the most perfect cut, symmetry and polish results in a pattern of 8 Hearts & 8 Arrows.

The quality of diamonds affects the pricing too. And so, it is essential that you set a budget. But apart from having a budget in mind, fair and transparent pricing is important too. The best diamonds are also the most expensive ones and everyone cannot afford them.

Tweaking the quality a little bit can help you bring down the pricing to the budget of your choice. Always start with the carat size. If you have selected a 0.50-carat diamond, you can try a 0.40 carat instead. There will obviously be a difference in weight but not much in appearance.

While buying diamonds online, it is always best to not compromise on the cut quality. If there’s anything that really ruins the beauty of a diamond, it is a poor cut. You can, however, make minor adjustments to the colour and clarity if needed.

Buying diamonds online should always be a pleasant experience. And once you have these tips at the back of your hand, the experience is even better!

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