August 18, 2019

Responsibly-sourced diamonds: A responsibility

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As beautiful as they are, they are harmless only if they are responsibly-sourced diamonds. The term responsible mining covers practices that do not disrupt nature and violate the human rights of the miners. While most diamonds that enter the diamond trade are legitimate, there are instances where conflict diamonds and blood diamonds still enter the market.

Responsible mining ensures that there is an official record of diamonds that are mined, sorted and sold as rough stones.

Apart from that, it also means that all the people involved should follow a protocol and can be held accountable.

Saying yes to responsibly-sourced diamonds

Mining companies that stand for responsibly-sourced diamonds are aware of the ecological impact of mining. They are also particular about the safety of their workforce. Though there are a lot of details under both the points, let’s take a quick look at what they mean.

A thought for the environment

Mining processes begin with surveying a geographical location at many stages. If an extensive examination reveals no possibility of mining, then companies do not go ahead with the process. Hence, the survey is an important and necessary step.

When conflict diamonds are mined, even a basic survey is hardly ever carried out.

As a result, if the area is not prepared for the strain of the mining process and equipment, it can severely damage the surrounding environment. This will make the land less resistant to natural calamities and in the long run, lead to depletion of minerals. And apart from that, it would also become less welcoming for the flora and fauna of that location.

Consider the workforce

Machines play a huge role in mining since it is nearly impossible for people to dig mines so deep. However, this kind of machinery needs human guidance which calls for a dedicated workforce.

Apart from this, the process also needs people to enter the mines to look for and collect the rough rocks. This in itself is a hazard and calls for several safety precautions. For one, miners could get trapped inside during a landslide so having a provision to haul them out is important.

In case of conflict diamonds, miners work inside the mines for hours together, where staying for too long is dangerous. It definitely leads to health problems and if ignored, then it can be fatal too!

This is one of the most obvious reasons why illegally-mined diamonds are called blood diamonds.

Not to mention that they hardly earn enough to get rid of this forced labour.

Mining companies that ensure that their workforce is well-protected from an on-site accident contribute to the concept of responsibly-sourced diamonds. They follow all protocols and safety procedures necessary to ensure that even in the long run, the miners stay healthy.

The story is important

Provenance plays a very important in creating trust in the minds of consumers. Unless you know where your diamond is coming from, there are chances that there is no responsible sourcing.

Therefore, a diamond certificate alone is sometimes not enough to assure you of the origin of your diamond.

As a part of the wholesome digital experience, the Divine Solitaires mobile application gives you the details of your diamond’s provenance. Since illegally sourced diamonds sell as rough diamonds, the mobile application tracks the diamond journey right from the mines.

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