December 9, 2019
Akshaya Tritiya

Knowing diamonds before you buy them

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Diamond shopping can be either a positive or negative experience. We believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the latter. Knowing diamonds is the first thing you should do before you even plan your shopping trip. That way, you will not only be choosing better diamonds but can also confidently experiment with diamond jewellery designs.

You might think there isn’t much when it comes to knowing diamonds. But that’s where most of us are wrong. Diamond education is a vast field of study and as consumers, we’ll actually know very little. Diamond cutters and graders have completed extensive courses that train them for their profession. Which is why their expertise and their word matters the most to us when it comes to understanding diamonds.

Whether you’re buying diamonds for a wedding or for daily wear, they’re bound to be expensive. But that doesn’t mean that they’re unaffordable. The first step here is to plan a budget for your diamond jewellery. Walking into a store without a budget in mind can make you spend more than you intend to.

By the time you consume enough information on diamond education, it will be easier to know what you’re looking for. 

Knowing diamonds for their quality


You may or may not be aware but all diamonds are not the same. The 4Cs (cut, carat, colour and clarity) are not the same for every stone. In fact, various combinations of the 4Cs are what make each diamond unique.

There are various degrees of quality in each of the 4Cs and any combination can be responsible for the quality of the diamond. If you delve deeper into diamond education, it is not just these parameters that determine the diamond quality.

There are other parameters that are not widely discussed. These include light performance, overtones, fluorescence and others. In all, there are 123 quality parameters which make a diamond what it is. Of all these, some affect the overall appearance of the stone, some only influence the price and others will impact both.

Getting started with diamond education is the first step to knowing diamonds. After this, it is easier to understand and buy solitaires.

Understanding how diamond pricing works


First-time buyers are often under the impression that diamonds are always expensive. This is only the half-truth. When you have enough knowledge about diamonds, you understand that the quality affects the price of the stone. This definitely means that the best looking diamond is going to be quite costly too.

However, you don’t always need the best-looking diamonds for beautiful jewellery. A lot of diamond jewellery buyers who customise their ornaments, go for less expensive diamonds. It is always best to cut down a little on some of the 4Cs to be able to get a diamond within your budget.

For example, you need not always choose a stone with the best clarity. A couple of hardly visible minuscule inclusions will not really harm the diamond’s appearance. However, it will bring down its worth.

So, on the next diamond jewellery shopping trip, ensure you have enough intel to help you pick the best pieces.

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