February 27, 2020
diamond's value

Is a diamond’s value all about its beauty?

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What do we know about diamonds? A diamond is more than a sparkling piece of rock. It is rare, valuable, magnificent and beautifies anyone who wears it. There are earrings, rings, pendants and so many different kinds of diamond jewellery that one can make with diamonds. But a diamond’s value goes much beyond its beauty. They’re indeed pretty and expensive but the story doesn’t end here.

A diamond’s value determines its price and vice-versa. Flawless diamonds have a higher value whereas the ones with flaws are considered less valuable. While that’s how the market works, it doesn’t matter if your diamond has a little colour and some inclusions. The advantage here is that you can set a budget for your purchase and stick to it.


Know your diamond’s value and track it


A lot of factors tell the story of your diamond’s value. For one, every natural diamond has a story. Right from its birth inside the Earth to its place in your diamond jewellery collection, various processes make it valuable. And the cutting and polishing of the stone is, in itself, a bigger story. And this is when we understand why diamonds cost so much.

Every attribute of a solitaire diamond raises or lowers its value. The rarest of diamonds are devoid of blemishes, inclusions and colour. Which is why they are much more expensive than the ones with any flaws and colour. Apart from that, the demand and supply chain also affect the pricing.

Changing diamond prices are often difficult to track. But with the help of the Divine Solitaires mobile application, you can know the value and track the price of any diamond you choose. By customising the 4Cs of a diamond, it is possible to know the current and past prices of the stone anytime.


Upgrade or buyback your precious solitaire


The right pricing tools from Divine Solitaires also serve to highlight a diamond as a beautiful asset. A solitaire need not be valuable only as long as it is part of your solitaire jewellery. There is so much more you can do with it. When you plan to upgrade or resell your diamond, you understand its asset value.

Diamond prices are now as transparent and reliable as gold prices. You can know its value, track its pricing and check its authenticity. This makes a diamond more than just a beautiful jewel. Not only will you enjoy wearing solitaire jewellery but you can also enjoy its price appreciation.

A diamond is truly identified as a beautiful asset when its value appreciates with time. With the help of a standardised, transparent and uniform pricing mechanism, it is possible to ensure this. Hence, it becomes easier to get rid of pricing-related confusion while exchanging or buying back the diamond.

The upgrade feature is particularly useful when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. You can also choose to buy back the diamond on such occasions and even in times of need. A diamond’s value goes much beyond its fire, sparkle and brilliance. It is a combination of a diamond’s aesthetic and asset value that makes it a reliable and beautiful asset.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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