March 30, 2020
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Important questions to ask your diamond jeweller

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Our diamond jeweller is someone whom we can rely on. Not only do they know diamonds but they also know things that you may not find on the internet. As a consumer, there are questions, whose answers may not make any sense to you. These would be more detailed information on the market and the production. While this should be able to help you in some ways, here is what you should ask your diamond jeweller.


What is transparent diamond pricing?


No one will tell this to you better than your jeweller. But diamond pricing should be transparent and standardised. This means that if your jeweller should be offering diamonds at the same price, across all of their stores. Diamonds are priced according to their quality. Transparent pricing means that there can be no hidden prices.

However, this indicates that your jeweller should have standardised and transparent pricing for their diamonds. If yes, then you are in good hands.


How is your diamond jeweller different from others?


Does your diamond jeweller only offer good quality diamonds with transparent rates? How would a common consumer know more about this? For this, it is essential that the jeweller should have certain pricing tools at their disposal. Something that even consumers can easily understand. Secondly, in order to give consumers easy access to this mechanism, the jeweller should have a viable digital platform. Through this digital platform, one should be able to fulfil all their pricing and quality-related requirements.

It is these factors that set a brand or a jeweller apart from all others.


What defines diamond quality?


Diamond quality is made up of its four main parameters – cut, colour, clarity and carat. Each of these will affect the quality of your diamond and diamond jewellery. Consult your jeweller for the kind of quality you’re looking for. Especially, when it comes to the cut, avoid compromising and lowering on the grade. A Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut is always the best choice for a high-quality diamond.


What does your diamond jeweller offer?


We know that a diamond is beautiful and valuable because of its sparkle and rarity. What we should know is that diamonds are also a beautiful and reliable asset. While you own and wear your diamond jewellery daily, you can be sure that its value will appreciate over time.

This makes the entire process of upgrading your solitaire or solitaire jewellery even more lucrative. Ask your jeweller about the diamond pricing trends, as well as the upgrade and buyback policy. A superior solitaire jewellery brand equates the real value of a diamond to its asset value.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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