April 9, 2020

How is solitaire jewellery different from diamond jewellery?

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Very few can really tell the difference between solitaire jewellery and diamond jewellery. Apart from the design, there are differences in quality as well as the design. While diamond jewellery may not be appropriate for all occasions, the same doesn’t hold for solitaire jewellery.

One common point could be that some designs tend to be slightly confusing. Especially for a first time buyer, there isn’t much difference between the two. Therefore, how stark should the differences be, so that you can easily know one from the other? Technically, both are diamonds. However, while all solitaires are diamonds, every diamond isn’t a solitaire. See how you can know which is which.


Diamond education: Do your research 


The best way to know the difference before you even make the purchase is through research. Diamond education is a vast field of study and you’ll know a lot when you read up on it. Traditionally, diamonds that are large enough to be set by themselves on jewellery qualify as solitaires. That means the stone has to be at least 0.30 carat or more. But over time, the size has now ceased to be a differentiator. It now depends more on the design of the jewellery.


The design of solitaire jewellery and diamond jewellery


Solitaire jewellery focuses more attention on the beauty of the stone. Hence, one has to be really careful and prudent while purchasing a solitaire. One wrong step and the beauty of the jewellery could be at stake. Hence, such designs are usually light and great for everyday wear. At the same time, you can also have wear it for different occasions like weddings and so on. Such pieces are elaborately designed but the single large solitaire diamond stays in focus.

Diamond jewellery, on the other hand, is more about the glittery appeal of the ornament. The focus is more on the collective sparkle of several diamonds clustered together. In fact, an entire jewellery set could just be studded with small diamonds with no single diamond standing out. You can clearly see the difference between the two when you see a solitaire ring in comparison to a diamond ring.


The quality and pricing factors


Be it solitaire jewellery or diamond jewellery, one may agree that there should be no compromise on the quality. But a little lenience is acceptable when it comes to diamond jewellery.

When you’re customising diamond jewellery, it is okay to choose diamonds with more colour and a slightly lower clarity grade. However, in the case of solitaire jewellery, it is always better to choose a clearer stone with less colour.

Naturally, the price of a piece of solitaire jewellery will be more than a piece of diamond jewellery. Another defining factor of this type of jewellery is the emotion that it carries. A solitaire engagement ring is always a special pick because it’s for a special moment. You can give a diamond ring to your significant other for a birthday or other occasions. But a solitaire ring is more apt for something as momentous as an engagement, wedding or anniversary.

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