September 5, 2019

Get diamond jewellery at the right price

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If you have gone shopping for diamond jewellery even once, you may have realised how difficult it is to know its right price. The lack of transparency in the diamond market stops consumers from getting diamond jewellery at the right price.

Know how to get diamond jewellery at the right price?

When a diamond jeweller or brand offers you diamond jewellery at the right price, it isn’t necessarily cheap. The right price means that a diamond’s cut, carat, colour and clarity were carefully analysed before deciding its worth.

As such, diamonds are never cheap. A piece of diamond jewellery at a surprisingly low rate is a red flag. There is a high possibility that the stone is fake, of low quality or illegally sourced. And that is something you do NOT want to get your hands on!

Before you walk into a diamond jewellery store, gather all the intel you can on the 4Cs of a diamond. These are the four main parameters that determine the price of a diamond. In the case of diamond jewellery, the price of the metal should also be considered. Since it is mostly gold – yellow, white or rose, it is not difficult to know its price.

Globally, the 4Cs are the accepted standard for pricing diamonds. While these are the most important ones, other factors like the demand and supply chain also affect the pricing.

When we talk about transparency in diamond prices, it simply means that there are no hidden prices. Knowing how to calculate diamond prices can be simpler when there is a reliable point of reference. Divine Solitaires’ Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List and Solitaire Price Index helps consumers get diamond jewellery at the right price.

Transparency in diamond pricing

The Divine Solitaires Price List, as it is called, contains the prices of all the brand’s diamonds. The list updates every month as diamond prices tend to fluctuate. Maintaining a record like this creates standardisation. The concept of these prices being the same across all the stores is called price transparency.

Additionally, the Solitaire Price Index or SPI denotes the price of all the diamonds in the price list. The figure in this index is only indicative of the prices and is updated every month. It also shows the month-on-month and year-on-year pricing trends.

Know the diamond value

The Divine Solitaires digital platform enables users to know the diamond value and track the prices over time. Users can customise the 4Cs of a diamond as per their preferences to know the price. They can change each of the parameters and the prices will reflect accordingly.

It is important to note that these prices are the prevailing ones as shown in the Divine Solitaires Price List. Apart from knowing the current price of the diamond, one can also check and compare its past prices from 12 years ago.

While comparing the prices, one can also check the change in the price trends over the years. For consumers who wish to get diamond jewellery at the right price, knowing the diamond value is very important.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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