January 30, 2020
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Get a beautiful diamond, don’t sacrifice the quality

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If you want to own a beautiful diamond or diamond jewellery, it should not be at the cost of the quality. While you can most certainly set a budget, you need not ignore the quality of the diamond jewellery.

PYDS is a unique price-protection and easy instalment scheme through which one can book and solitaires. It is not always easy to buy a beautiful diamond in one go. That is why you can also own a diamond by paying for it in instalments.


Own a beautiful diamond easily


With price protection, you are entitled to pay the lower price if the rates fall. Otherwise, you pay the amount that the agent mentioned at the time of booking. However, not every seller or retailer will offer price protection on their goods. 

While the basic meaning of price protection remains the same, how consumers benefit from it can vary. In some cases, the buyer can be eligible for a refund. At other times, where one pays instalments, the consumer pays a lesser final fee.

Diamond prices are almost always fluctuating, either for the better or the worse. So, when you are buying diamond jewellery, you’ll either be paying a lot or a little less. What you should be careful of are really low rates. Genuine diamonds are never that cheap and even with discounts, the price won’t go that low.

Price protection is not a common concept in the diamond business. A jewellery retailer may or may not offer price protection on their products. But Divine Solitaires offers the benefit if you Plan Your Dream Solitaire.


What is Plan Your Dream Solitaire?


The scheme applies to all solitaires available with the brand. However, it is especially beneficial if you are purchasing a bigger solitaire. This is because the bigger the stone, the more expensive it is. Instalments ease the purchasing process.

One can book their desired solitaire at only 20% of its prevailing rate. The price of all solitaires is as per the monthly Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List. The choice of the diamond’s colour and clarity is open to the consumer and you are free to choose.

After booking the solitaire, you can pay the balance amount over a span of 11 months. The instalments are equally calculated to avoid any hassle. You can also choose to pay the instalments on a quarterly basis. The amount is calculated accordingly. You get to take home the solitaire or solitaire jewellery home on maturity.

Over the course of these 11 months, if the price of the booked diamond is stable, then the amount you pay remains the same. However, diamond prices usually change, at least a little, over the months, owing to economic factors and production. Under PYDS, you need not worry about the rising prices since you pay only the price decided at the time of booking.

At the same time, if the price of the diamond drops, you are entitled to pay the lower price. Therefore, price protection on diamonds is no longer a myth.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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