August 22, 2019
fake diamond prices

Fake diamond prices: Watch out for them!

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It is easy to put fake prices on luxury goods and if it is a diamond, then it becomes even easier. Fake diamond prices are the reason why people still stay away from buying diamonds. Sometimes, even the retailer may not be able to tell you the real price of the diamond. A diamond grader or someone who has better knowledge about them decides their worth. And that may not necessarily be your jeweller.

Finding out the real price of a diamond could be tricky but it’s not rocket science. The right knowledge of diamonds can help you determine the approximate value of your stone. However, in the meantime, let’s look into a few situations where you can spot fake diamond prices

Family heirlooms

Quite often, family heirlooms are at least 7-8 decades old. And it is usually something that is made of gold and set with a lot of precious stones. Definitely something like an uber-expensive diamond ring or a pair of diamond earrings. People usually do not sell off the jewellery that their grandparents or great-grandparents owned. But if they do, they are unaware of its true value and may even overcharge you for the same.

In the olden days, a diamond was valued because it was a diamond. The quality of its cut, its clarity and colour were not always important. As an antique, the diamond will have a lot of value. But trying to sell it will not get you a good price since no one may be able to estimate its worth. Also, trying to buy diamond jewellery that is an antique is a bad idea unless you verify its true worth.

Lack of research on fake diamond prices

While buying diamond jewellery, each stone that is large enough to be a standalone gem should have an individual price. That would include the price of the smaller diamonds as well as the larger ones. In all probability, you will end up paying more than the real price. Though that is bad enough, it’s even worse if you have to pay very less for it.

Have you ever ended up purchasing a piece of diamond jewellery that you didn’t intend to buy? Probably yes! Maybe you wanted a certain design and since it was unavailable, the jeweller may have convinced you into buying another piece. Something you did not do your research on. And so, it will be easier for them to give you fake diamond prices. So just stick to buying exactly what you want.

Missing diamond certificate

Diamond jewellery that comes without a diamond certificate can and should raise a lot of questions and doubts. Not only will you never know the real worth of your stone but also remain clueless about its source. That’s how conflict diamonds make their way into the mainstream diamond trade.

Most jewellers, at least the genuine ones, provide a diamond certificate on the purchase of diamond jewellery. You should simply stay away from those who don’t issue this document. Many a time jewellers may try to convince naive consumers that a certificate isn’t necessary. But given all the information of your diamond that the document can prove, insist on getting one.

Stay away from fake diamond prices

Getting the right price on diamonds is possible if you first have a system of standard and transparent pricing. It means that a 1.00-carat diamond should cost the same across all of a diamond jewellery brand’s stores. The changes in the diamond prices should be documented so that consumers can rely on and check the price trends.

The solution to avoiding fake diamond prices is to rely on a diamond jewellery brand that gives you such transparency. In this way, you can get your choice of diamond jewellery without having to think twice.

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