May 16, 2020
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Does a diamond certificate go beyond identification?

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Diamond quality depends on a lot of factors. The cut, clarity, colour and carat are the four basic parameters. With the help of these, you can know a diamond at one glance. But you shouldn’t because merely looking at a diamond won’t tell you about its exact quality. This is why a diamond certificate does the rest of the work.

If you think all that a diamond certificate does is act as an identification for your stone, think again. It contains so much more than just an ID that is inscribed on your solitaire. Let’s begin by looking at what all a diamond certificate can tell you.


What does a diamond certificate have?


There are several diamond grading laboratories in the world that certify diamonds. All of them provide a diamond certificate that is more or less similar. The common link between them is the parameters or attributes for grading the diamond. There may be some differences in the number of parameters or how much they reveal.

Such a certificate always contains one crucial detail. And that is the serial number of your solitaire. Each stone has its own number and is, therefore, identified that way. For a regular consumer, all diamonds will look the same unless there are stark differences in size and colour. A diamond grader can check the physical differences as well as the serial number with the help of a loupe and microscope.

All of these are present on the document. You can take a careful look at it to understand that it contains the 4Cs of your diamond. The weight is mentioned in cents or carats while the colour ranges from D-Z and clarity from Poor to Ideal. Such international grading laboratories are objective and do not go beyond analysis. While they will prove to you that your diamond is of a certain quality, they cannot say anything more.


Is quality guarantee on diamonds necessary?


Diamond grading laboratories will not go beyond simply analysing a diamond. It can only let you know what the physical attributes of your diamond are. That way the diamond certificate only acts as an identification document. The inclusions inside your solitaire are plotted in a diamond diagram on the document. These are exclusive to your diamond only and therefore serve as a unique identification. When you want to sell your diamond, this certificate will help the grader or a dealer give you an estimate of your diamond’s value.

However, if you need a guarantee which says that you have a high-quality diamond, you need certification of that kind. Divine Solitaires grades all of its diamonds on a whole 123 parameters as against the international standard of 40 parameters. The quality guarantee certification on these parameters assures you that you own the brightest diamond. When it comes to the brilliance of the diamond, every facet has to be cut in the right proportions. The right dimensions allow for the ideal reflection of light which gives the stone its sparkle.

With the help of this quality guarantee certificate, you can not only identify your diamond but also be sure of its quality. As with any diamond certificate, this one too is an important document. Therefore, when you upgrade or buyback your Divine Solitaires diamond, this has to be present. 

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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