July 18, 2019

Diamonds: What was, is not what it is

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Diamonds have been a part of the Earth since its creation. Since then, people have not just highly valued them but also revered them across several cultures. They have been always been a part of some mythological stories too.

If you ever give it a thought, it seems wondrous that such a brilliant and glamorous stone is actually billions of years old.

Diamonds have coveted a special place as the symbol of everlasting love. That’s one thing that has never changed for ages. 

Concerning diamonds, there has definitely been a change of perception over the years. If we consider what our grandparents or their parents thought of diamonds, we would know. 

Diamonds then

Earlier, diamonds were not popular as a jewel as they were in the superstitious context. From bringing success to curing the sick, the previous generation saw diamonds as a lucky and powerful charm.

To begin with, having a diamond was a very big deal for them. Just the stone itself commanded a lot of emotional attachment and pride. They did not care much for things like the diamond cut and diamond colour or even the shape. They valued diamonds for their rarity and its allure.

Previously, the family diamond jeweller would be the only source of diamond education. Our grandmothers would probably not bother taking a second opinion from anyone else. 

The concept of excellent cut diamonds is relatively new. It obviously did not happen overnight. It started with something known as a good cut. For years, people believed that a diamond with a good cut was the best thing to happen to the stone.

As a result, the stones were bigger and chunkier but not quite bright. Yellow gold was more popular back then so diamonds with colour were a better choice over colourless ones.

The precious stone today

Today’s generation does not want diamonds with a basic cut. They’re in favour of stones that not only have the best cuts but are also high on clarity. In the last couple of decades, the emphasis has been on the best shine and light performance of a diamond.

Moreover, this generation wants something more from this beautiful rock than just its beauty. They look at diamonds as an asset, something they can invest in. Gone are the days when gold was the only option they could invest in. 

They look at brands that offer good upgrade and buyback policies along with great designs. This generation shows a preference for lightweight solitaire jewellery over gold or diamond jewellery.

Though the brilliant round cut is the best cut for a diamond, fancy diamond cuts are on the rise too. The pear, the oval and the cushion cut are some of the favoured diamond cuts now. 

Diamond jewellers today have switched to the excellent cut, the Ex.Ex.Ex and Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cuts. They have adapted to the changing trends and the dynamic tastes of consumers.

The new-age consumer is also more aware and demands more than just quality in diamond jewellery. For them, a diamond certificate is essential as is information on the source of their diamond.

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