August 30, 2019
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Diamond prices shouldn’t affect your love for diamonds

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Do you feel the need for more diamond jewellery, even though you already own a couple of pieces? If you say yes, you’re not alone. Diamond jewellery is charming and no one has ever been content enough with just one ornament. The only glitch is that diamonds do not come cheap. Given the lack of price transparency, people hardly even know the actual diamond prices.


Diamond prices that are fair and reliable


Buying a diamond needs some planning and research. You are bound to pay an unnecessary amount of money if you walk into a store without knowing the basics.

Very few diamond jewellery brands record and document diamond prices. This makes the sale and purchase of diamonds a grey area. Not only are diamonds sold for a random price but there is also little scope for resale.

Perhaps the problem is not always as serious as this. But in any case, it isn’t any better. So what is it that you can do to own diamonds on a budget? Help is on the way…keep reading!


Smaller diamonds do the trick


If you love diamonds, you probably wear a diamond trinket everywhere. Be it your workplace, a casual outing, family function or wedding, you simply need one. Instead of directly buying heavy diamond-studded jewellery, start with small pieces of diamond jewellery. If you haven’t tried solitaire jewellery yet, give it a shot.

The difference between solitaire and diamond jewellery is that the design of the former focuses on a single diamond. There could be smaller side stones but the solitaire is the highlight.


Transparent pricing on diamond prices


Brands like Divine Solitaires stand by price transparency. Consumers can keep track of standardised diamond prices with a Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List and a Solitaire Price Index.

The brand’s diamond price list and SPI are two important tools one can refer to while buying solitaires and solitaire jewellery.

Diamond prices are not transparent if there is no standardisation. If a jeweller sells you solitaire jewellery for different prices at different stores, then there is no price transparency.

Moreover, Divine Solitaires also has its own mobile application which is integrated with the brand’s website. One can easily keep track of the current and past diamond prices. You can customise the diamond size, cut, colour and clarity and see the prices of every solitaire, real-time.


Why is standardisation important?


It is convenient to upgrade diamonds when their prices are standardised and transparent. Even if you do buy small diamonds, you can easily upgrade them to bigger ones later. When solitaire prices are recorded, documented and updated systematically, it is possible to upgrade them.

A standard diamond price list, a diamond price index and a digital solitaire experience are the right tools to help consumers. Diamond prices need not come in the way of your love for diamonds!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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