September 16, 2019

Diamond education, just a tap away!

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Imagine you go shopping for a diamond or diamond jewellery for the first time. No one has spoken to you about basic research on the stone. You decide that relying on the jeweller will be the best thing. Why bother about diamond education as a consumer? That’s not my job, you may think.


Well, right you are, that’s not your job but a responsibility.


Without the right kind of diamond education, here is what will happen. You’ll get a stone you didn’t want for a price you didn’t plan to pay. While it’s bad enough to pay more than the actual amount, you should especially stay away from the cheap prices.


Diamonds are rare and expensive, the only time someone will sell cheap diamonds to you is if they’re fake.


Why is diamond education a must?

When you visit a diamond jeweller with no knowledge of diamonds, there are several things that could go wrong. For one, you may not get a diamond certificate even if you inquire about it. This happens especially if it’s your family jeweller.

He may successfully convince you that a diamond certificate is not necessary. To be honest, that’s unlawful. This is something you won’t know till you have worked a little on getting some diamond education. 


A diamond brand’s certificate is not the same as the one given by an international grading laboratory.


Sometimes, the brand issues the document but provides the international certificate only if the stone is of a certain weight.

Divine Solitaires offers its quality guarantee certificate on 123 parameters as a sign of quality assurance. They also provide a certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) if the stone weighs more than 0.30 carat.

What does it cover?

Diamond education includes a lot of information. Right from the basics like the 4Cs of a diamond to diamond certification, it covers everything. Let’s briefly look into what all consumers or first-time diamond buyers should know.

You already know what makes the diamond certificate so important. But that step comes only after you’ve purchased a diamond. Basic knowledge of the 4Cs will help you greatly in knowing what price bracket your stone can be placed in. That way, you won’t get duped into paying more than the actual price for your product.


Going a little deeper into diamond education, you’ll also know what cut grade you want for your diamond.


The grading scale for diamond cut starts with Poor and ends with Excellent (also known as the ideal cut). In actuality, no one chooses the Poor cut. While learning about the different cut grades, you’ll understand that each grade influences the stone’s brilliance and pricing.

Diamond education also covers the ethical sourcing of diamonds. This is especially important since conflict diamonds or blood diamonds should not be a part of the legal diamond trade. These are diamonds that are mined through illegal means and human rights exploitation.

An easy way to educate yourself

Reading pages and pages of information online or through books is tedious. Diamond education is a vast topic and there’s no way you can grasp everything in a single sitting. Add to that difficult words whose meanings you may not understand.


The Divine Solitaires digital diamond experience simplifies and arranges the information in an easily accessible form.


This way you need not change pages in search of relevant information. Everything you want to know about diamonds, certification and sourcing is available at your fingertips, only a tap away!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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