January 18, 2020
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Diamond data and more on one platform!

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We know diamonds for their unparalleled beauty and worth. Truly, they are among the most valuable and also the most durable among all gemstones. No wonder they adorn us in many forms – as diamond rings, diamond earrings, solitaire pendants and so on. But diamonds also have a story; about their origin, journey, quality and more. In the technical sense, this would qualify as diamond data.

Good diamond jewellery companies believe that consumers should have access to diamond data in a quick and convenient manner. The technology should be readily available and easy to use. Mobile phones are, undoubtedly, the most commonly used electronic gadget today. Hence, mobile applications are the best way to access diamond data.

When we have access to our diamond’s story, we feel more connected to it. As it is, we tend to add immense emotional value to our diamond jewellery, especially diamond rings. The diamond then doesn’t feel just like an ornamental rock to us. 

What does diamond data include?


The diamond data includes every little detail about a diamond. As with natural diamonds, it is important for every consumer to know where it has come from. For all you know, your diamond could have been a conflict diamond or blood diamond. It is difficult to know which diamonds have been mined illegally once they reach mainstream diamond trade. Moreover, conflict diamonds are mostly rough diamonds. Once they have been cut and polished, their origins cannot be traced.

Traceability is an important component of diamond data. So once you know where your diamond has come from, you can be sure of its authenticity. The modern consumer, being well-informed and aware, ensures that their diamonds have been sourced responsibly. And for this reason, diamond data becomes very important.

Moreover, if a diamond jewellery brand provides this kind of transparency to buyers, they can earn the consumers’ trust. It becomes difficult for people to buy diamonds if their first-time experience involves buying a blood diamond.

How will consumers know the diamond’s authenticity?


A diamond certificate is the best way to identify your diamond. There are some natural aspects of a diamond, i.e., the clarity, that you cannot change or alter. If consumers are aware of how their diamond was obtained, it is easier for them to trust the jeweller.

To be able to track the origin, quality and price of a diamond mean that all details of a diamond have been documented. The modern consumer wants to know everything about the goods they consume and diamonds are no exception.

A solitaire brand should enable the tracking of every diamond in its inventory in a convenient and digital form. This is because of buyers today wanting to go just beyond simply purchasing a diamond. And a diamond’s origin plays a huge role here.

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