February 27, 2020
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Diamond certification: The key to quality

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Diamond quality is not very difficult to understand. You can know quite a bit in just one reading. Diamond jewellers and experts, online and offline, write on diamond education. This is where you get to know about diamond quality. But how much they write and tell you is up to them. One needs to understand the quality of a diamond in every way possible. Are the 4Cs enough to determine the quality? Are there more parameters which you should be asking about? Your diamond certificate answers all of these questions. This is what makes diamond certification an important part of diamond education.

Diamond certification is the most important document a diamond can have for its authenticity. A qualified third-party grading laboratory issues this certificate after analysing the stone and prepares a report on the same. As per the international grading standards, there are 40 parameters on which they grade diamonds.


Why is diamond certification necessary?


Natural diamonds are not the only ones in the market. A few other gemstones look like diamond simulants. Though they only look like diamonds but have nothing else in common, it is easy for naive shoppers and first-time buyers to trust them. A diamond certificate mentions several details that hold only for real diamonds.

When you buy solitaires or diamond jewellery, they must be evaluated for their quality. No matter how clear or colourless a diamond you choose for your jewellery, diamond certification is a must. A diamond report or certificate has three sections which describe the various parameters on which the laboratory grades your solitaire. This is how it confirms your diamond’s identity.

As you may already know, no two diamonds are the same. However, telling them apart from one another is something only a diamond grader can do. This is where the diamond report becomes crucial. If you happen to lose or damage your diamond and want to claim insurance, this document has to be present. 


Does it certify a diamond’s quality?


Diamond quality is not the same everywhere. Hence, even the pricing will vary from brand to brand. However, the evaluation and grading by a third-party laboratory will be fair and unbiased.

The diamond certificate does not mention the value of your diamond in any way. However, what it does is only mention the exact nature of each parameter. This is what makes your diamond authentic since some characteristics are only peculiar to your stone. Have you ever wondered in what ways a natural diamond is different from its simulant? Examine your diamond under a loupe and then refer to the certificate to know why.

A good and trusted diamond jewellery brand will always provide a diamond certificate when you buy a diamond. Each laboratory may have its grading criteria and methods and you can always choose which one suits your need. 

At Divine Solitaires, the 123-quality guarantee certificate assures you of the best quality. No matter how small or large a Divine Solitaires diamond you choose, there’s no compromise on the quality. That’s why it is easier to trust the quality of such a diamond.

The Unique Identification code (UID) every Divine Solitaires diamond’s girdle makes it possible to identify each stone. But all else aside, this certification itself is the toughest quality test any diamond can hope to pass!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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