December 30, 2019
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Consumer experience for online jewellery buyers

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Buying diamonds online is a convenient way to do shopping. You can do it from any place – your home, your workplace or even when you are travelling. So much so that it has been observed that experienced online shoppers take just about half an hour to select a design. That, of course, depends on how easily they can check and choose what they want. That is the first step to building a good consumer experience.

However, online shopping is not always a pleasant stint for everyone. You may have heard enough people complain about a host of problems they have faced. It could include lack of good designs, difficulty in navigating the pages or problems in transactions. All of these or even one of these could ruin the consumer experience and keep them away from the website.

What does the term online include?


The term online includes the website as well as the mobile version. Nowadays, it does not make much sense for a brand to have only a website. That is because most people use their phones to purchase online unless they are not on the go. This itself means that a brand will have to ensure a smooth synchronisation between the website and the application. According to a number of online shoppers, the customer experience is great when the mobile version has all features as the website. This includes the discounts, payment options and ease of navigation.

The website and the app design cannot always match but keeping them as similar as possible, boosts consumer experience. Apart from that, the consumer should always have the same amount of comfort, no matter the mode of purchase.

What makes for ideal consumer experience?


When it comes to buying diamonds online, shoppers are generally careful. Moreover, it is never first-time buyers who buy diamond jewellery online. The modern-day consumer prefers to do their research online before making any purchases. And this has been a growing trend in the last few years.

Keeping this in mind, brands should ensure that a shopper is able to seamlessly browse through the website/app. Consumers are generally attracted to sites that have a convenient and user-friendly layout. They shouldn‘t have to browse too many pages to look for what they want. They are most comfortable with a compact and no-frills design.

Trust is another important factor and especially online. This is why there should be sufficient and appropriate information about your product on the site. This is one of the things that makes a brand attractive to them. The more consumers understand, the more their chances of coming back. And especially in the case of diamonds, the lesser the ambiguity, the better it is!

Consumer experience is not just about providing great diamond jewellery but also helping shoppers easily buy it. In today‘s time, when everyone is busy but still needs to shell out time for shopping, speed is important. Therefore, a complicated website layout, slow checkouts and hidden features will only drive people away. In fact, successful brands prefer simpler designs to eliminate any stress that comes from shopping online.

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