September 13, 2019
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Certified diamonds: The only ones to be trusted

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Cut and polished diamonds whose processes and characteristics have been analysed by an authorised laboratory are called certified diamonds. This authorisation comes from third-party international laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) and others.

Diamond certification goes much beyond just describing the stone’s attributes or 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat). It ensures that a diamond is genuine. While there is nothing wrong with diamond simulants in the market, one should be aware of what they are buying.


Importance of certified diamonds


Your diamond jeweller may be the most trustworthy one, according to you, your family and friends. And that really might be the case. So when you buy a diamond from him minus the diamond certificate, you only have his word for its authenticity.

A diamond certificate is a more legitimate form of assurance. Is it physical proof that you own certified diamonds.

A diamond certificate is a very important document for several reasons. When diamond jewellers offer to upgrade or buyback your diamond, they require this certificate. The paperwork shows what they should be checking for in your diamond to avoid any problems.

Even when you’re getting insurance for your diamond, the concerned company will want this paper. Without it, determining the value of the insurance premium becomes difficult. In short, a diamond you purchase should not come without a diamond certificate. 


Scope of the certification


A certificate will describe the physical attributes of a diamond. The shape and size are mentioned in the document. But apart from that, there are details like the number of inclusions inside the stone. An image of your diamond with the inclusions plotted on it shows their placement.  

Apart from that, you can also see the exact dimensions of the different parts of the stone in the image. It shows how deep or shallow your diamond is, the table size, the girdle and so on.

Along with the weight (carat) of the diamond, the colour, clarity and cut grade are also mentioned.

The certificate will not tell the value or price of your stone. However, when you intend to resell your diamond, it is the most important document. Hence, keep it away safely so that it can be used or presented when needed.


The resale value of certified diamonds


A diamond certificate does not necessarily indicate that the stone is resalable. This is something that the diamond jeweller or brand can decide.

If they have a resale or buyback policy, then the certificate is an important document that aids the process. Hence, there is no direct relation between certified diamonds and their resale value.

Diamonds that are sold as family heirlooms may or may not have a diamond certificate. In most cases, the document is unavailable because certified diamonds were not a popular concept a few decades ago. 

The diamond jeweller has two options – he can either buy the diamond based on the value given by the seller. Or he can send the stone to a grading lab for evaluation and calculate its worth.

Lastly, if someone chooses to buy this piece from him without changing its cut, he can give the buyer this diamond certificate. However, if the buyer first customises the stone, then the original stone’s certificate is not valid here.

Moreover, the buyer has to ask the jeweller for a diamond certificate. Either way, no matter what the size of the stone, diamond certificates are chargeable and do not come free of cost.

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