December 19, 2019
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Can diamonds be a beautiful asset?

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Diamond jewellery always enchants and amazes us with its beauty and brilliance. But their rarity is what makes them so precious. That diamonds are for a fortunate few, is a myth. We know that we can now have beautiful solitaires and solitaire jewellery at a budget. But beauty is not the only quality of diamonds. They can also be a beautiful asset.

At the time when our grandmothers owned diamond jewellery, diamonds were more of a luxury than they are now. But they are still as valuable as they were before. Only that our grandparents didn’t really consider it as a beautiful asset. Diamonds only had an ornamental value. In times of need, people would sell them off at whatever price the jeweller quoted.

The lack of any paperwork made it even more difficult to know the real worth of diamonds. And so, even though people bought diamonds for a hefty price, they could hardly get anything out of it.


Can diamonds be more than beautiful?


The diamond industry has always had some challenges and pricing is one of them. There are a lot of factors that affect diamond pricing outside of the 4Cs. Which is why it is difficult for diamonds to have a standardised price. Years ago, this problem could have been even more serious. As a result, people could not get anything out of reselling diamonds.

The misconception has stuck around since then. Even today, diamond pricing is still an issue. There is no way to know if you are buying diamonds at the right price. As long as diamond prices are not transparent, you will never know.

Even if you know the diamond value by its 4Cs, the prices change quite often. This price trend is what most people were never aware of. And they still aren’t. These days, the only way you can resell a diamond is to let your jeweller calculate the resale value. It may or may not be fair and you may hardly get anything out of it. 

Making diamonds a beautiful asset


When we talk about diamonds being a beautiful asset, combines the beauty and the worth of the stone. Once diamond prices are standardised, there will be less hassle in reselling it.

Nowadays, since there are documents to aid the process, people believe that a diamond is a beautiful asset. These include your diamond certificate and the purchase invoice. One thing you should know is that no jeweller will offer you the complete price for buying back your diamond. But depending on their buyback policy, you might be able to make the best on the resale. For example, Divine Solitaires offers a 90% buyback on its solitaires.

Moreover, using a diamond tracking application like the Divine Solitaires mobile application to know the current price of your diamond. Based on the Divine Solitaires Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List, the prices are standard and transparent. Diamond prices mostly appreciate and so, by checking the current prices, you can pick the best time for a buyback.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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