August 30, 2019

Book an appointment with your diamond jeweller

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You diamond jeweller is someone you can trust. After all, they are selling you one of the most expensive rocks on Earth. There are so many things to consider while buying diamond jewellery. While some of these can be resolved online, we still choose to visit the jeweller before the purchase. This makes it necessary to book an appointment with your jeweller.

Before mobile phones and online shopping came into existence, people had no choice but to visit their jeweller. It may have been inconvenient if the store was closed or getting in a word with the jeweller was difficult. A visit to the store, however, still has its perks.

Why should book an appointment with your diamond jeweller?

More transparency

Just like clothes and electronics, we also shop for jewellery online. Online diamond jewellery shopping does is convenient and hassle-free. Good diamond jewellery brands take security measures to ensure safe online transactions. Basically, there is hardly anything you’re missing if you shop for jewellery online. However, one important factor in diamond jewellery is the look and feel.

You may be sure of the diamond jewellery you’re browsing but you still might want to visit the jeweller. Despite all the positives of online shopping, people prefer going to the store or outlet for the purchase.


Seeing and touching the diamond jewellery you’re about to purchase makes you feel more confident about buying it.


Visiting the jeweller

The first step is to find your nearest diamond jeweller, which is no longer a hassle now. The Divine Solitaires mobile application and website enable users to locate stores nearby. The complete digital solitaire experience which integrates both platforms also lets you book an appointment with your jeweller.

Divine Solitaires believes that if you want to truly experience your solitaire jewellery, you should know it better. 


The brand’s digital solitaire experience allows you to understand your solitaire jewellery better.


However, to ensure that your experience is complete, a store visit can easily be scheduled.

Plan a visit

For seamless browsing and navigation on the Divine Solitaires digital platform, use a login ID and password. Look for your favourite jeweller near your location and book an appointment. In less than a few minutes and in a few easy steps, you will have booked a visit.

What is even more interesting is that you can schedule multiple appointments with the store. Even if you’re in another city and wish to purchase Divine Solitaires diamond jewellery, you can easily follow this process.

The store visit also serves another purpose. It helps you connect with the jeweller, ask questions about your jewellery and get more information. You can also ask to see more collections and designs at the store, which is not possible online. 

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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