February 29, 2020
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A safe diamond shopping experience online!

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Shopping for diamonds and diamond jewellery is fun. We love the pieces we own and can never get enough of them. In fact, we are ever ready to buy a new piece, justifying the purchases through festive occasions. But what is that one thing we don’t like? Hopping from store to store in search of fabulous diamonds. To save you from this hassle, online diamond shopping comes to your rescue! Safe diamond shopping, to be precise.

But online shopping too isn’t for the lazy ones. It needs a certain amount of research on diamond education and knowing which brand you can trust. Let’s look into what makes online diamond shopping an easy, comfortable and complete experience.


The comfort of taking your time to choose


Your grandmother and mom really had no option but to visit the jewellery store to buy diamond jewellery. But you do – technology has its advantages and all you need now is your phone or laptop to buy diamonds.

Moreover, the variety of jewellery designs found online exceed the ones in the store. At a store, the brand representative is going to show you design after design, leaving you with little time to think. Of course, a store visit is a perfect choice for you if you already know exactly what you want.

But in the case of online diamond shopping, you can simply scroll and see the pieces in one go. When you find something of your choice, simply save it in the cart and buy it whenever! There’s absolutely no hurry and who knows, you might be able to make a better purchase online.

Essentially, it is the comfort of your home you’re shopping from. You can make a checklist or take notes on designs you like and no one will object. A jeweller might feel you’re wasting his time if you start writing down what you like or don’t. But not your phone.

Safety and authenticity are the first things you should look for when you’re shopping online. At the jewellery store, there are ways to check the authenticity of a diamond. Sometimes, all you need to do is just check it physically. And you’re in safe hands if the brand is a reputed one.


What should you be looking for?


How will you ensure that the diamonds you’re buying are genuine? Firstly, they will not be cheap. Don’t trust websites that claim to offer diamonds at a subsidized rate under the guise of a discount.

Diamonds are a luxury product and so even its lowest price won’t be cheap. If it is, then either the brand is selling a fake or the diamond is of very poor quality. Either way, you should stay away from buying such a diamond.

Get adequate information on the 4Cs of a diamond. You’ll learn enough about the quality and pricing, and how they are interrelated. The price of a diamond depends primarily on these four attributes. The carat weight and the cut are, especially, the most sensitive of all the parameters.

Genuine and reputed brands are always very clear about their prices. If they offer transparent and standardised pricing on their diamonds, then it is a good sign! This means that you will be paying for exactly what the diamond is worth.


A safe diamond shopping experience


Apart from that, be very sure to read through the terms & conditions on the website. As boring as this may sound, it is always safe to do so. This part mentions important details of the return & exchange policy as well as the possibility of an upgrade or buyback.

At times, you may love the image of the product but may not feel the love when you wear it. This is when a return & exchange policy is helpful.

Lastly and most importantly, it is money that matters. If you’re paying for a fairly expensive piece of diamond jewellery, you’d want the money to be safe. Always check how secure the payment gateway is. You can call customer care and check the success rate of their payments. And also, how well they deal with failed payments, just in case. If they do have a COD option, make good use of it. There’s nothing safer than handing over the cash from your own hands.

Safe diamond shopping online involves some effort but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be doing yourself a favour!

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