December 2, 2019
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A diamond’s journey: What must you know?

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We all desire pristine, clear and pure diamonds. It is not easy to come by diamonds like that. They are rare and hence,  expensive. But is that all we need for our diamonds to look so beautiful? Would you not want to know more about why your diamond is so special? If you do, here’s what you can do to know more about your diamond’s journey.

The term transparency makes sense to consumers when they know everything about their purchases. Take your cup of tea or coffee for example – you would definitely like it if well-paid labourers worked under humane conditions to deliver tea leaves and coffee leaves to the factory. You would surely also want to know about the processes in the factory that ensure that you get only the best quality beverage at the store.

When it comes to diamonds, the same transparency is missing most of the time. So, what is it you can do to know more about your precious rock?

Transparency in the diamond’s provenance

Diamonds form deep inside the Earth under extreme heat and pressure. Being made of carbon, it takes nearly a billion years or a little more, only for the diamond to form. This is only the beginning of the life of your precious stone. It is only due to natural occurrences like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that the rough comes closer to the Earth’s surface. This is where it is extracted from.

The mining process, too, is an important one. In fact, it is the most crucial bit of information about the diamond that you must have. And that is how you’ll know if your diamond is conflict-free. Generally, it is reputable mining companies with qualified and legal miners who extract the roughs. And from thereon, they ensure that the diamonds do not fall into wrong hands.

However, if the wrong people mine the diamonds for illegal purposes, then the stones become conflict or blood diamonds. This means that underpaid, possibly unpaid workers, worked or even died under inhumane conditions to extract diamonds. It is possible that entire villages that may not have agreed to the mining were evacuated using unfair means.

A diamond’s journey to the store

Your diamond does not directly come to the store from the mine. In its rough state, you may not even want to look at a diamond. It is through proper planning and careful cutting and polishing that you get a beautiful diamond! 

With the help of the Divine Solitaires digital experience, you can know everything about your diamond’s journey. Right from the mine from which the diamond comes and the rough’s weight to the final product’s details. The finest craftsmanship ensures that only the brightest diamond reaches your jewellery box.

And all of this right at your fingertips, no matter where you are! Your diamond also comes with a unique inscription which makes it easily identifiable. 

Knowing more about your diamond is not only informative but also helps you connect better with it. Just as you would feel closer to someone you know well, you should know your diamond too! 

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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