April 28, 2020

4Cs: Do they define a diamond’s quality?

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The four characteristics of a diamond, the cut, clarity, colour and carat, also known as the 4Cs, determine its appearance. When you’re looking for the perfect diamond, choosing the right combination of these attributes is important. There could be a number of combinations of the 4Cs that could help create a beautiful solitaire. And most importantly, the craftsman’s skill also makes a diamond more beautiful than it already is!


Let’s briefly look into the 4Cs first


Cut: This is the most important one of the 4Cs because it mainly determines a diamond’s quality and pricing. The cut grade includes Poor, Good, Very Good and Excellent. For obvious reasons, no one chooses the Poor cut. Since a diamond’s beauty lies in its brilliance, it must have at least a Good cut. Sometimes, diamonds that are resold at a very low tend to have a Poor cut. That is something a diamond grader can identify.

Carat: The carat of a diamond is not the same as the gold carat. While the latter refers to the purity of the metal, diamond carat is the weight of the stone. The way a stone is cut will directly affect its weight and size. Which is why the cutting and polishing of diamonds is a difficult task and requires a lot of skill. A slight difference in the carat weight can also influence the pricing considerably. This is why a 1.00-carat diamond costs more than a 0.99-carat diamond.


The natural attributes of a diamond


Clarity: Every natural diamond has some imperfections within as well as on the outside. While a diamond cutter can polish off the surface blemishes, the ones inside cannot be removed. To do so would cause a great deal of damage to the stone. They are known as inclusions and though we consider them as flaws, they’re only a diamond’s natural birthmarks. As long as these inclusions are not too big or dark, they do not affect a diamond’s shine.

Colour: This one is perhaps the simplest one of the 4Cs. On a diamond colour grading scale, the colourless one start with D and the coloured ones end with Z. Diamonds with colour are of a light-yellow tinge. The pricing too depends on the colour of the stone. The lesser the colour in a diamond, the higher the price. However, this does not mean that coloured diamonds are cheap in any way.


What is a 123-parameter quality guarantee?


If you want a perfect diamond, look for one with superior light performance. It is this parameter that considers the sparkle, brilliance and fire of a solitaire. The best cut enables the perfect symmetry and polish of the facets to reflect light effectively. This in turn ensures the best light performance in a diamond.

While these four parameters are the most essential ones for grading a diamond, they alone cannot define perfection. The real meaning of the perfect diamond comes with Divine Solitaires’ 123-parameter quality guarantee.

Divine Solitaires, a premium solitaire and solitaire jewellery brand, stands by a thorough quality certification is what ensures a beautiful solitaire. All third-party international grading laboratories can solely analyse your diamond on 40 parameters. Only Divine Solitaires goes beyond the 4Cs and completes the quality check on 123 parameters.

It is only the best cut that can give you the brightest and the most beautiful diamond. Divine Solitaires refines the excellent or ideal cut to produce the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut, which stands for an excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry. A combination of all three creates the brightest diamond.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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