January 27, 2020
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Your love story on a diamond ring

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Diamonds always mean something special. One can’t give solitaire or diamond jewellery to people who aren’t close to them. We choose the best diamonds only for the ones we truly love. Which brings us to what makes a diamond ring so special?

As such, you can gift a diamond ring to yourself or your significant other. But if it’s your engagement or your anniversary, a diamond ring is perfect. As such, people make their diamond ring special through customisation. They choose a design that suits them the best. Sometimes, it could be an unusual design that you may choose. But what matters the most is that it should suit you and that you love it.

The best thing you can mention as an engraving on your ring is a special date. Quite a few couples choose their engagement date. Or it can also be the date when you made your relationship public or took your first holiday together.

Some people also choose to engrave or inscribe their partner’s name on the diamond ring. Or even their initials or nicknames.


What is special about engravings and inscriptions?


An engraving is done on the inner portion of your ring. Which means that it is not visible for everyone to see and admire. You can take this opportunity to engrave a secret message between you and your partner. You only need to let the jeweller know what you would like to see in the ring.

The message needs to be quite short and meaningful at the same time. Something like “I love you ”, “my one & only” or “love endures” should be perfect.

The most important thing you must know about your diamond ring engraving is the number of characters. It is not possible to have full-length messages. If you consult your jeweller, he might help you with the character count. The number could be different for every diamond jewellery brand. Ensure that you only visit an experienced jeweller. Engraving your diamond ring is serious business and requires skill to maintain the beauty of the ring.


Customising a diamond ring for your engagement


Though there is a variety of engagement ring designs at different jewellery stores, most of us choose to create our own. Customising diamond jewellery, especially diamond engagement rings is a popular trend these days. Moreover, designing it to accommodate the engravement or inscription is also important.

You can choose en engraving as well as an inscription on the diamond ring. The jeweller makes the engravement or inscription separately. The latter is done before the stone is mounted on the ring. 

If you want an engraving on the ring, make sure that the band is a simple comfort fit. It is difficult to engrave anything on a fancy ring band. And if you choose an inscription instead, ensure that the solitaire you choose is well-cut. While it isn’t necessary to have a 1.00-carat diamond, it should at least be of a good size.

It is also important that the solitaire should have an excellent cut. That way, the stone will be clearer and so will the inscription. Since it is done on the girdle of the stone, it does not affect the diamond quality.

The diamond ring you design is always a unique piece. Make it stand out with a unique engraving or inscription!

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