February 12, 2022

Why diamonds are the best valentine gifts for your loved one?

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Why are rings, especially Diamond rings, are the symbol of love?

Do you know the story behind this?

The tradition of exchanging a wedding rings dates back 3000 years. Rings were used in ancient Rome during marriage, though the modern practice of exchanging rings during weddings has a Christian origin.

Ring generally placed on fourth finger of the left-hand as they believed that there was a ‘vein of love’ that ran from this finger directly to your heart. It represent symbol of love, sense of commitment.

But have you think why couples prefer Diamond rings to express their love?

Valentine day has always been special. Subsequently, as it’s near, i was in search of a beautiful gift for my husband. I wanted the gift to be exclusive and at the same time valuable. Eventually a solitaire diamond ring instantly flashed on my mind.

Not only for me but i feel for others too. Diamonds are irreplaceable.

Diamonds are just not a precious gem anymore. Diamonds reflects love. Even today whenever i see my engagement ring, i feel secured and committed to my relationship. It’s a gift for a lifetime.


I know, I might be sounding sentimental and irrational, but diamonds are something we are emotionally connected with. Let it be any occasion, nothing can be compared to a diamond. Diamonds can complete any look. It is regal.


Diamonds have been attractive to both old and young people. They are traditional and at the same time have a modern outlook.

Rings can be made of any metal and incorporate any gemstone. Rose gold has become increasingly popular, although white gold and yellow gold are still classics. Sterling silver is a beautiful option for those on a budget, especially since sterling silver symbolizes truth and purity.

When choosing a gemstone, consider birthstones for added meaning and a splash of color.

Rings with heart-motifs, love knots, and infinity symbols, engravings of names and fingerprints, and roman numerals of anniversary dates are popular designs.

Today’s young generation mostly prefers solitaires than gold .They finds it sober, rich & elegant. It gives them a distinct value.

For business minded people, diamonds are often considered as assets .It has a resale value. So people find it to be more meaningful than any other stuff. As per their mindset, they prefer spending on something which would later be an investment.

Each piece of diamond tries to tell a different story of its creation.

Diamonds are the most durable precious stones found on earth. They remain with us for lifetime.

So to conclude, I personally feel, what can be a better gift than a diamond or Solitaire for someone special?

If you guys also think similarly, then what are you waiting for? Valentine day is quite near. Bring a smile on your loved ones by gifting them a beautiful diamond or solitaire, with which they will create wonderful memories and stories that they can cherished for a lifetime.

With Inputs From Namrita Shah.

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