January 30, 2020
three-stone engagement rings

What do three-stone engagement rings signify?

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It has been a while since you two started seeing each other. The relationship brought happiness and satisfaction to both of you. This is when you decided to take things ahead. You now want to spend more time with your beloved but first, you want to make it formal. This is where you start looking for a suitable diamond engagement ring that means something to both of you. Three-stone engagement rings may appeal to you for a lot of reasons.

The first is the luxurious allure of three diamonds instead of one. Three-stone engagement rings are simply lovely and make for magnificent design. The three diamonds stand for the past, the present and the future. Equate them with your relationship and it will make perfect sense to you. These rings are also known as trinity rings and appeal to a lot of couples who want to make their relationship formal.

It is the significance of these rings that have made them a popular choice for many couples. If you are considering this style as an option, here are a few things you might want to know.


The styles of three-stone engagement rings


All three-stone engagement rings are not the same, there are different styles to choose from. In some rings, you may notice that all the three diamonds are of the same size. And that’s okay because it looks great!

In other rings, the diamond at the centre is larger than the ones on the side. Here is where you can notice the difference. The two side diamonds are meant to weigh less than the one in the middle. So if the middle one weighs a carat, the other two will be half carat each. That is how you get a symmetrical touch on the solitaire design.

If you customise your engagement ring, there are ways to choose from the size of the stones. You can let your jeweller know about the weight of each stone to ensure you get the best design. Or you can choose the diamonds by yourself online!


What is unique about this style?


Three-stone engagement rings are quite stylish and can be designed as per your liking. Some couples even like to have three-coloured gemstones, moving away from the traditional diamonds.

You can also opt for coloured diamonds if you feel that colourless diamonds are not for you. If you have decided on a budget and want to stick to it, then you can go for diamonds with colour.

Making the two diamonds on the side smaller would certainly control the budget but keep symmetry in mind. As long as the three stones are proportionate and the design looks good, it is fine.

The three-stone style is used as a setting but when it comes to designing the ring, it means much more. It is a versatile setting as well as a style which makes it a very special one. This is why this style is so popular with so many couples across countries and cultures.

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