February 29, 2020
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The best ways to resize your engagement ring

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Your engagement ring is a symbol of love. But years into the relationship the ring can start getting a little uncomfortable. Even though you may have selected the right ring size at the time of your engagement, it’s been years now. There is no way you can let this sign of love trouble your finger. It hurts almost every other hour of the day to wear a ring that’s too snug for comfort. That’s the clearest sign that it’s time to resize your engagement ring.

Ideally, the best time to resize your diamond ring is a year after you start wearing it. According to most diamond jewellers who specialise in solitaire and diamond rings, it takes about a year before people opt for resizing. However, this time period could be shorter.

Sometimes, within a matter of months, you might find that you already need to resize your diamond ring. And that’s no problem. You might have gained or lost some weight and when you choose to resize your diamond ring is your choice. Or your fiance may have missed getting the right size. In this case, you need to fix the ring soon before you both exchange your vows on the big day.


Getting a ring that fits you perfectly


Guesswork is nothing less than a crime when it comes to getting the right ring size. Be it for yourself, a dear one or your partner, know the right size. There’s nothing more disappointing than spending on a beautiful diamond ring and not being able to wear it properly.

Quite a few people don’t even know what the right ring size feels like. Simply put, it should slide onto your finger easily but show slight resistance while coming off. If it is the other way, you’ll know that you have the wrong size.

A lot of us usually use soap to get the ring off our fingers. And we feel that it’s alright to do so. Let’s just that this is clearly a red flag. You should not have to go the extra mile only to remove the ring. There need only be a mild pull on the right when you take it off. Secondly, applying soap to the ring daily will cause foam and water to accumulate between the ring’s prongs. Over time, this will also destroy the surface of the diamond and make it look dull.


Resize your engagement ring 


The best way to resize your engagement ring is to do it at a diamond jeweller’s store. Preferably, the same jeweller from whom you bought the ring. That way he will know exactly how much he needs to resize.

In most cases, we buy rings only after checking our ring size. But say, you would like to surprise your significant other with a diamond ring. What if you don’t get the right size? People often try to guess their partner’s ring size but to be honest, that’s not a good idea. Imagine your partner getting all excited on seeing the ring and then losing that smile when she tries it on. Definitely not our definition of a pleasant surprise.

One way to go about this is to get hold of a ring your partner wears often and take it to the jeweller. That’s the closest you can get to knowing someone’s ring size. You cannot do that by only looking at someone’s fingers.

There are two situations when you need to resize your diamond ring. It is done when the ring is either too small or too big. Your jeweller will know how to get the ring back to the right size. The correct way to do this is by removing or adding a bit of metal to adjust the size.

Once he has adjusted it, he’ll solder the pieces together and polish the ring for a clean and bright look.

Of course, there are also other ways, albeit temporary ones, to have a large ring fit you properly. You can use silicone, a spring insert or sizing beads to hold a loose ring in place. But it’s best to always resize your diamond ring at your jeweller’s store!

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