August 28, 2019

Teacher’s Day: An artist at work

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Dedicating yourself to a lifetime of educating students isn’t an easy task. Think of all the challenges such an individual faces. We are, and should rightfully be thankful to someone like that for imparting so much knowledge to us over so many years. And so we celebrate Teacher’s Day!

All over the world, the meaning of a teacher can be summed up in three words – friend, philosopher and guide. As we believe, teaching is another profession. But for a teacher it is much more – it is their purpose to help someone become a better person.

Teachers are rare and unique – just like the perfect diamond. They don’t just light up your life while you’re in school or college. What you learn from them, keeps the lamp of learning burning for life. One can equate the patience they show with the life of a diamond – endless!

As with all well-wishers in your life, a teacher’s part is a crucial one. Whether we choose to study after school or not, what we learn from them, stays for life. 

The friend

Your first memory of a teacher may probably have been in school. For many school children, staying away from home even for a few hours is difficult. As a result, they’re shy and withdrawn at school. At such times, the teacher steps in and encourages a child like that to open up and interact with the others. 

The philosopher

High school and college is a challenge in certain ways too. The pressure to get good grades and also make time for extra-curricular activities can be taxing. Handling stress at a young age is not easy. A teacher’s advice at a time like this helps tremendously. It helps us realise that growing up comes with its pros and cons. With someone like that to tell us how life works, everything seems a little easier.

The guide

A guide isn’t necessarily someone who tells and shows you how things are done. Sometimes, all you need is some straightforward and honest feedback. A teacher’s role as a guide includes putting you back on the path when you’re straying. 

We’re talking just about that one special teacher you were always in awe of. Someone who played a vital role in making you the person you are today. The one you still message and call from time to time when you need a patient and listening ear. Or for practical advice when you feel lost.

Most of us may feel that a teacher’s part in our lives is limited to just educating us. They influence us in so many ways. Can you think of that one teacher you can thank wholeheartedly this Teacher’s Day? 

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