March 24, 2020
staying at home

Staying at home? Here’s how you can spend time with her

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Being at home on weekends is fun. It helps you rejuvenate and also find some time with your partner. It gives us a break from all the stress we’ve gathered over the week. But staying at home at a stretch can also get boring. How about using this spare time to spend some time with your spouse? Remember the lovely days when you both left office early to spend time with each other? But then work life got more hectic and it became more difficult to find time together. This is your chance to bring it all back! And that too while you both are in the safety of your home.


Talk your hearts out


Most of us hardly ever get the time to talk to our spouses when we’re back from office. Our work schedules never match with that of theirs and we miss out on many things. A weekend may suffice but it doesn’t always work that way. Since you’re working from home, you’re saving time on the commute. Take this time to talk about whatever you want to. Make yourselves some coffee in the evening and catch up on all that you’ve missed.


Stay fit while staying at home


If you both haven’t been hitting the gym, this is a good time to start working out together. You don’t really need the gym or a dance class. Think how you’re getting to spend quality time with her. At the same time, you both are also getting fit. Play some good music and dance together. Or if you have gym equipment at home, that’s even better. A nice workout will also release stress and make you both healthier.


Help her with the chores


Many women don’t just manage office work but also take care of the home. Most of the time, you may not be there to help her. But now, since you can do your share as well, take this opportunity. It’ll not only reduce her stress and burden but also let you guys bond over a few tasks. Maybe you’ll also understand how she manages this daily on her own!


Eat healthy while staying at home


Our work-life sometimes makes it difficult for us to manage home-cooked meals daily. Even if your wife is a homemaker or runs a business from home, you might be eating out quite often. Not now, though! This is the time when you both can bond while making tasty, simple and healthy meals. You can also make it more interesting by turning it into a candlelight dinner. Helping her in the kitchen will also make you appreciate how she cares for the home.


Staying at home with spirituality


Spirituality plays an important role in calming the mind and soul. At a time, when the situation around us creates stress in our minds, it is good to turn to meditation. Unlike a workout, you both can simply relax and spend some time relieving all the stress in silence. Play some soothing music and light some scented candles to get rid of the stress. It is easier to connect with your partner emotionally with a healthier and stress-free mind.

As you both stay home and keep yourselves safe, don’t miss this chance to spend time with each other. With nowhere to go and no guests to entertain, make the best of this time. Since there’s also a lot of work around the house, doing it together will bring you two closer. The love between two souls grows stronger if you put in the right effort!

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