January 22, 2020
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Romantic proposal ideas: Will she say yes?

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Life is full of surprises big or small. We love pleasant surprises once in a while and love giving them to our loved ones too. Most surprises involve a piece of good news and sometimes, also a gift. A romantic proposal, too, is among the most pleasant surprises in our lives.

There’s so much that makes this moment special – from waiting for the right time to choosing the diamond engagement ring.

Make all those months of courtship count. Ask her to be yours in a way she will never forget. Because the “yes” is something you both will hold onto forever. 

Obviously, when you are asking her to marry you, the proposal has to be memorable. How can you expect her to remember a romantic proposal if you didn’t make it special? There are a number of ways to make your proposal not just romantic but also fun and exciting. The pictures should have smiles that you both can cherish for a lifetime!

These days, photoshoots are a must for all romantic proposals. Naturally, we try to make the best of it by choosing pretty locations for the pictures. We have a few ideas that might appeal to you if you feel it’s time to pop the question!


A romantic proposal for her


We get it, a ship cruise is an expensive affair. And since you already have other expenses to take care of, a trip like that may look difficult. However, there are boats that host short evening cruises. Perhaps have them organise a little dinner date for the two of you and take the chance to ask her. Plan it well ahead so that you can be sure that everything is perfect when the moment finally arrives.

If you both love nature and spend most of your time outdoors, you could go hiking to a beautiful forest. Very few things are more romantic than a mind-blowing green landscape! And if you find a patch with some lovely shrubs and flowers, take the chance to propose to her there.

Make sure that you have your photographer follow you separately and capture great pictures of the moment.


A popular spot


It could be a beautiful hill station or even a pretty park. This place is famous because a lot of celebrities have proposed to their partner here. Make her feel special, take her here when you surprise her with a dazzling solitaire ring and some beautiful flowers!


Organise fun games with family


Your family and hers can be of great help when you want to propose to her. Not only do they help you get rid of your nervousness but can also handle a goof-up that could happen. Try a quiz where you can use a list of questions that lead up to the main one.

Or if you want to make it an outdoor affair, try a treasure hunt. Not only will the family enjoy but she will also be really surprised when she finds the final clue! Or maybe give a game of hide-and-seek a try.


Find the perfect ring for your perfect one


Romantic proposals need not always be lavish. You could choose to simply decorate your garden and propose to her with a beautiful diamond ring.

The diamond engagement ring should take some of your attention too. For one, no matter where you plan the proposal, keep the solitaire ring absolutely safe. Make sure you have insurance on the ring so that your money is safe in case of a loss. But preferably, don’t lose the ring at all.

In most cases, it is fun and simple proposals that actually make it to the list. After all, it is the feelings that truly matter and as long as they are true, things are great!

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